The Solstice Platform

Solstice is a powerful wireless presentation and collaboration platform that enhances meeting productivity by allowing any number of users to easily share and control content from laptops and mobile devices to an in-room display. It also offers value-add capabilities beyond wireless content sharing – such as room calendar integration, digital signage playback, meeting analytics, and a robust API for other integrations – to help you get more out of your meeting spaces.

Meet Solstice

Solstice blends award-winning technology, ease of use, and cost efficiency into a platform that enables teams to collaborate and innovate through dynamic, engaging, and inclusive meetings that can take place in any workspace.

It offers contemporary and intuitive app-based content sharing that is the same on every user device and delivers best-in-class streaming performance. For guests and other occasional users that may not want to download the Solstice app, Solstice also supports Airplay and Miracast streaming protocols as well as a wired content source.


Solstice is Easy to Set Up and Use

Install: Power on your Pod then connect it to your display using an HDMI cable.

Set Up: Connect the Pod to your local network.

Configure: Use the Solstice Dashboard or the Pod’s configuration panel to set additional network settings and customize your Pod.

Download: Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Solstice App to your laptop or mobile device.

Collaborate: Open the app, connect to the display, and start collaborating.

Solstice Goes Beyond Wireless Presentation Capabilities

Experience unrivaled features and integrations to drive meeting productivity and ROI.

Solstice Supports Secure and Scalable Deployment on Managed IT Networks

The Solstice Dashboard provides technology managers with a tool to configure, monitor, manage, and control all the Solstice endpoints across the host network — from one or multiple admin workstation(s).

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Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) is an IT-friendly, non-broadcast mechanism that allows users to discover and click-to-connect to Solstice displays from their own devices to start sharing content.

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Solstice is Enabled by Future-Proof Software Architecture

We continually develop new features and improvements, such as digital signage playback, room calendar integration, multi-room collaboration and more. These features are available to you through our regular software updates when you enroll in our subscription program.

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