Display Communications

Digital signage, calendar integration, and custom welcome screens.
Use Solstice-enabled displays to communicate important messages or display your company branding in between meetings.

Get the Most From Your Meeting Room Displays

Digital Signage Playback Icon

Digital Signage Playback

Communicate important messages between collaboration sessions by connecting third-party digital signage to your Solstice displays.

Room Calendar Integration Icon

Room Calendar Integration

Your organization can use its calendaring platform of choice for room scheduling in Solstice meeting spaces to clearly communicate space availability.

Custom Welcome Screens Icon

Custom Welcome Screens

Change the appearance of your Solstice displays to match your organization’s branding and personalize the look and feel of your meeting rooms.

Digital Signage in office kitchen

Ways to Use Display Communications Across Your Organization

  • Inform your workforce on office protocols and guidelines within your meeting and collaboration spaces.
  • Build team morale by introducing new coworkers and celebrating work anniversaries with employee spotlights.
  • Generate excitement about your new company branding by rolling it out on displays throughout the office space.

Benefits of Solstice’s Display Communications

Communicate Company-wide Messages

Keep employees informed with digital signage playback to communicate company events, celebrate work anniversaries, and more.

Get Meetings Started

Users can walk into any Solstice meeting space and quickly see if it is available, as well as instructions on how to get their meeting started.

Personalize Your Meeting Displays From Anywhere

Easily customize your Solstice-enabled displays from anywhere using templates and our secure cloud-based management portal.

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Meet the Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod is a flexible software-based appliance that hosts Solstice collaboration software
and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment.

Arrow Device
Solstice Pod Front Solstice Pod Front
Solstice Pod Front

HDMI Input

In addition to Solstice’s wireless sharing options, the Pod’s HDMI input enables sharing from wired content sources, such as guests that may not have network access.


The Pod’s front facing USB-C port will support future innovations.

Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back

Ethernet & Wireless

Dual wired and wireless network interface cards provide ultimate flexibility for deploying Solstice on the host IT network(s) and separate routing tables ensure no traffic passes between networks.

Power Supply or POE+

Power the Pod via POE+ or a dedicated power supply.

3.5mm Stereo Out

Connect the Pod to room audio via the 3.5mm audio port with 8-channel 7.1 surround sound.

Dual USB

Room audio/video peripherals, HID touch displays, and local configuration changes are supported via the Pod dual USB ports.

Dual HDMI Outputs

Drive a single 4k display or two 1080p displays with the Pod’s dual HDMI outputs.

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