Share Your Business App Content with Coworkers Using Solstice

Share business app content on-screen with ease

Most meetings are improved when one or more participants are able to share business app content, such as Excels spreadsheets or Adobe PDFs.  With Solstice’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, these documents can be edited live in the meeting with any changes reflected on the display in real time.  Solstice (with an unlimited license) allows unlimited guests to simultaneously share unlimited content, so multiple business apps can be viewed side-by-side to improve decision making and meeting efficiency.  Users may choose to share their entire desktop or certain applications, allowing them to show both a spreadsheet and Word document from their device on the shared display, while privately taking notes in OneNote on the same device.  Because the content never leaves the user’s device, meetings that revolve around designs in resource-hungry programs like Photoshop can still be conducted in real time since all processing happens on the host machine and no additional load will be placed on the network or Solstice display software.

No Limit to what can be Shared, or from what type of device

Traditionally, ‘business apps’ were limited to Microsoft and Adobe products pre-installed on company issued laptops, but modern meeting culture brings new and niche apps into the fold and any content sharing solution must be up to the challenge.  The Hootsuite publishing schedule on a social media coordinator’s smartphone can be as valuable to a meeting as a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop, and both must be able to exist in the same collaboration solution for a productive meeting.  Solstice can be used by any laptop, tablet, or smartphone running Android, Mac OS, Windows, or iOS so users can easily share business app content from their own devices as it becomes relevant without having to transfer data to a different platform.  Whether users need to compare spreadsheets or audit an Instagram feed, Solstice indiscriminately brings content to the center of the conversation.

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