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Solstice 3.4 – Coming Soon.

Introducing the latest version of Solstice, now with digital signage.

Collaboration or digital signage? How about both.

The digital signage update for your Solstice wireless collaboration
system gives you the best of both worlds.

Show digital signage when Solstice isn’t in active use for meetings.
Playback virtually any signage URL, including support for HD video.
Choose an existing company signage feed or third party feed.
Solstice seamlessly switches from signage to collaboration mode
when users connect.
No new signage hardware required.

Easily share YouTube videos in your meeting spaces.

Introducing iOS YouTube app sharing with Solstice.

New! Stream videos from the YouTube app on iOS devices via AirPlay.
Improves video performance and reduces bandwidth requirements.
Share videos from the YouTube website (vs. app) from any device.
Android YouTube app sharing also supported.


Solstice 3.4 Resources


Supported Signage Content Sources

  • Appspace
  • Google Slides
  • Vimeo Feeds
  • Screenfeed
  • Four Winds Interactive
  • and many more!

Other Useful Resources