Introducing Solstice Support for Miracast

Solstice 3.5 Video

Wireless Content Sharing Gets Even Easier

Miracast-enabled Windows and Android devices can now stream to Solstice Pods using the Miracast streaming protocol without the Solstice app installed. With the addition of Miracast, Solstice now supports native screen sharing for all major operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS.


Easy to Use

Ease of Use

No software download or app install required for wireless screen sharing.

Highest Security

Highest Performance & Security

All data streamed through the Miracast over infrastructure standard takes advantage of higher bandwidth and tighter security protocols available on corporate IT networks.

Multiple High-performance streams

Wireless Collaboration

Solstice supports up to four simultaneous Miracast streams to the in-room display.

        Use Cases

        • Improved user experience for guests and other occasional collaborators.
        • Better presentations with second screen and confidence monitor features.
        • Full content sharing functionality with the free Solstice app.