The Solstice Cloud Provisioning Program significantly reduces the time needed for organizations to deploy new Solstice Pods into their environment by allowing Mersive to pre-configure the Pods in their Solstice Cloud account before shipping. Once the Pods arrive, administrators can use their Solstice Cloud account to easily manage, analyze, and optimize their Solstice-enabled spaces from anywhere.

Key Benefits

Program Details

Once an organization has signed up for the Provisioning Program, all future Pod orders will automatically be imported into their organization’s Solstice Cloud account and shipped with the defined default template settings at the time of order. Default templates can be changed at any time. To streamline final deployment upon arrival, all Pods are named with the last seven of their serial number and categorized as “not yet deployed” in the organization’s Solstice Cloud account.


  • Customers must have an active Solstice Cloud account.

    • Existing customers without a Solstice Cloud account should create their free Solstice Cloud account prior to signing up.
    • New customers who have a Solstice Cloud account through Mersive’s Solstice Demo Pod program also qualify.
  • Templates labeled as default should be defined within the organization’s Solstice Cloud account. If default templates are not defined, then Pods will ship with Mersive’s default configuration settings.


  • Program is currently available only to U.S.-based customers.
  • Companies cannot have more than one Solstice Cloud account.
  • Unable to apply settings that are specific to a single Pod, such as:
    • Pod name
    • Calendar integration
    • Static IP address scheme

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