Solstice Dashboard Discovery Tags Overview

The ability to use ‘discovery tags’ to manage and sort your displays was introduced in Solstice 2.7.  This new feature allow an administrator to use the Solstice Dashboard to tag displays in any way that makes sense for their network using completely customize-able tag names and color codes.  Multiple tags may be applied to a single display, so many admins choose to create tags for several parameters such as display location and room type.

To create discovery tags in the Solstice Dashboard, select one or more displays that need the tag (using shift-click or control-click to select multiple displays) and navigate to the bottom of the ‘Network’ tab.  You may select an existing tag from the drop down or create a new tag by typing the tag name into the text field, selecting a color, and clicking ‘add’.  Once you apply your changes, the new tag will be applied to all selected displays.

The bottom left panel of the Dashboard lets you filter displays based on tags.  To see only displays bearing a certain tag, click on it in the ‘Available Tags’ pane.  This will add it to the ‘Active Tags’ field and only displays tagged with all Active Tags will show in the Solstice Instances Panel.  To remove a tag from the Active Tag field, click the tag to expose an ‘x’ button on the end.

End users may also filter displays based on tags in the apps on their devices.  The ‘Tags’ option appears as a discovery method in the app at the right-hand side of the screen.  Opening the panel shows all available tags as well as how many usable displays bear each tag.  Multiple tags may be used to filter displays and as in the Dashboard, only displays meeting all the filter requirements will show in the ‘Discovered Displays’.

Check out the ‘Deploy & Manage’ page to learn more >>

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