Solstice Media Streaming Software

Stream media from laptops and mobile devices to the display over WiFi.

Solstice focuses on the in-room collaboration experience by putting digital content on par with audio and video in meeting spaces.

No Limit to Participants in a Meeting

Solstice supports one-to-many or many-to-many meetings.

No Limit to Media Streamed to Display

Share desktops/device screens, app windows, or media files.

Go Beyond Quad-View

Participants can share more than 4 content posts to the display either individually or collectively.

Control Shared Content On-Screen

Drag and drop content or move content off screen in real-time

By allowing multiple people in a meeting to stream content simultaneously the byproduct is an increase in meeting productivity due to a higher level of participant engagement.

All you Need is a Display to Deploy

Solstice is most commonly deployed as a small form factor appliance that is easy to plug-in and set up, the Solstice Pod.

Connect the HDMI from the device to your display and plug in the power cable.

Set up your device and connect it to your network

Users download the free Solstice app for their laptops or mobile devices (Apple or Android).

Users can then start sharing their device screens/desktops to the Solstice enabled display.

Learn More About the Solstice Pod >>

Who’s it for?

Solstice is perfect for conference rooms, huddle spaces, or any meeting space with a display. Solstice can be securely deployed on existing enterprise or campus networks or as a standalone WiFi hotspot.

Solstice is the ideal solution for the modern workplace with its easy setup and easy to use app based sharing platform. People in your office will not want to meet without using a Solstice enabled display once they start using it. Streaming content live to a display makes meetings more efficient by removing the annoying time wasting of passing the cable and ‘shoulder surfing’.

Solstice is also commonly used in classrooms and lecture halls. Whether it is K-12 or college students, Solstice is a fun way to boost engagement by allowing students to stream digital content to the display in real-time.