Solstice Multi-Room Overview with Christopher Jaynes

Solstice Multi-Room Overview: Christopher Jaynes demonstrates how to start and join a Multi-Room session. The new Multi-Room capability allows users on the same network across multiple rooms and geographies to collaborate using Solstice as if they were in the same room.

Multi-Room takes the content-sharing and collaboration features of Solstice to new heights by allowing users to create a unified content experience across multiple rooms.  This new capability was introduced in the 3.0 release of Solstice and will only be usable on systems that have fully upgraded to 3.0.  The 3.0 update is available on any Solstice Pod or Windows Software host with an active maintenance plan, and the new 3.0 Dashboard, SDS, and end user apps are available for download here.  There are no new hardware requirements.

Starting or joining a Multi-Room session is done through the end user app.  Multi-Room sessions appear in a separate section beneath discovered displays, giving a team unprecedented transparency around what meetings are happening in real time.  Each session shows how many participants are in the meeting, as well as which displays are currently synced.  Participants may use the same connection method that they usually do (entering the IP address or clicking on a display name) to request to join a Multi-Room session.  The meeting initiator receives all join requests and may approve or reject new meeting participants, much like when a session is in Moderator Mode.  Once a new location is approved, all users in all locations may share and control content as though they were all in the same room.

To start a Multi-Room session, connect to a Solstice host and select ‘Meeting’ under the left-hand control panel.  If Multi-Room has been enabled for that host, you will see a Multi-Room tab with a button that says ‘Start Multi-Room Session’.  This capability is designed to work with your existing video and teleconferencing solutions, so you may enter a dial-in number or meeting URL directly into the Solstice app.  Other participants will see this information when they join the meeting.  For more information on starting and joining Multi-Room sessions, see the Multi-Room User Guide.

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