Solstice User Quickstart

What is Solstice?

Solstice allows an unlimited number of meeting participants to easily share content from laptops and mobile devices to a meeting room display, improving collaboration and decision making.This Solstice User Quickstart video shows you the three easy steps in order to connect to Solstice using your existing WiFi or ethernet network, download the Solstice app, and start sharing content from your wireless device to the display.

Share Content Quickly and Easy

To start sharing to a Solstice display, first make sure you are connected to the WiFi or ethernet network in the room.

Next, first time users will need to download the Solstice App by following the instructions on the display. Open a web browser, navigate to display’s IP address and download the Solstice app. You can complete this process from any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device – you do not need admin rights to do so.

When you launch the app, select the display name and enter IP address if required. Then, enter the screen key visible on the display to complete the connection. Once connected, choose what you would like to share to the display. Options include streaming your whole desktop, sharing individual application3 windows, or choosing 1 or more media files saved on your device. Each user can share additional content at any time.


Control Content on the Display from your Device

You can also toggle to the control panel to move and control content on the display using the drag-and-drop user interface. Solstice provides the same intuitive user interface on every device making it easy to connect, share, and collaborate around content on the Solstice display.

To learn more about Solstice’s other features and capabilities, including how to mirror your iOS device with AirPlay, check out the full Solstice training video or visit

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