Wireless Screen Sharing Software For Any Meeting Space

Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive

What is Wireless Screen Sharing?

Wireless screen sharing involves sharing digital content from one device screen to another video display with no physical connection between the screens.

Mersive Solstice enables simultaneous users to wirelessly share unlimited content to the room display through flexible content sharing options:

  • Share from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Share wirelessly via the Solstice app, AirPlay, Miracast, or web browser.
  • Share your desktop, individual app windows, or media posts (video, images).
  • Use the Solstice app for robust content sharing, control, and markup features.
Easy to Deploy Easy to Use

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

Solstice utilizes software and cloud connected services along with a premise-based I/O hub, the Solstice Pod, to offer wireless and wired content sharing, in addition to multiple adjacent market capabilities.

Set up is easy.

  • Connect the HDMI from the Pod to your display and plug in the power cable.
  • Set up your device and connect it to your network.
  • Users download the free Solstice app for their laptops or mobile devices.
  • Start sharing your device screen/desktop sharing to the Solstice-enabled display.

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