Mersive Solstice: The Superior Crestron AirMedia Alternative

With award-winning software and optimized hardware, Solstice provides the industry’s most flexible, powerful meeting space platform capable of supporting a broad range of room configurations, resulting in improved meeting start-up times, participant engagement, and productivity.

See How Solstice Compares to AirMedia


Mersive Solstice
Mersive Solstice
Gen3 Pod Unlimited

Crestron AirMedia
Crestron AirMedia

Collaboration Capabilities & Ease of Use

BYOD Wireless Content Sharingcheckcheck
Number of Content Sources on ScreenUnlimited1
Desktop & App Window SharingcheckClose
HD Quality StreamingcheckClose
4K UHD Wireless StreamingcheckClose
AirPlay & Miracast MirroringcheckAirPlay Only
Intuitive Drag & Drop User InterfacecheckClose
Moderator ModecheckClose
Multi-Room CollaborationcheckClose

Technology Standards & Integrations

4K UHD Display Supportcheckcheck
Room Calendar Integrationcheckcheck
Support for Touch DisplayscheckCrestron only
Dual-Display SupportcheckClose
API for Third Party IntegrationscheckClose

IT Configuration, Management & Security

Guest/Multi-Network SupportcheckClose
Centralized Managementcheckcheck
Deployment Monitoringcheckcheck
Meeting Analyticscheckcheck
Quality of Service (QoS)checkClose
Software Upgrade PathcheckClose

Discover the Solstice Advantages

Easy to Use

Enterprise Ready


Easy to Use

Solstice enables users to walk into a meeting space and wirelessly share content to a display, avoiding the need for confusing cables and dongles. To further promote collaboration, participants can share any amount of content and easily control the layout using a customizable, drag-and-drop interface. AirMedia, by comparison, is a single-user cable replacement add-on to Crestron’s room systems, giving users an expensive solution with very limited capabilities.


Enterprise Ready

Solstice has been designed from day one to be deployed on enterprise networks, and Solstice Pods are fully IT-compliant and scalable to any number of rooms, providing enterprise companies with all the security, management, and configuration options they need to be successful. AirMedia does provide centralized management and analytics; however, lacks secure guest network support that’s crucial for enterprise adoption.

Solstice Gen3 vs. AIrMedia Crestron - Enterprise Company


AirMedia is a cable-replacement solution that is an afterthought from Crestron’s dozens of other products, whereas Solstice is Mersive’s only product and was designed from the ground up to deliver real productivity and ROI in meeting spaces. Solstice is a software-based platform that can be updated easily in response to new market requirements in order to deliver innovative enhancements that further optimize meeting space collaboration and productivity. AirMedia does not allow for this type of upgrade path, limiting future enhancements and leading to additional costs.


Thousands of Companies Trust Solstice

We work with more than 6,000 corporate and higher education customers including many Fortune 100 companies.