Solstice vs Clickshare

Software-based. Enterprise-optimized. Future-proof.

Full Featured = Empty Wallet?

To use the most desirable features of ClickShare, such as having up to 4 users on-screen and moderation mode, you must purchase the most expensive version of the product.  The CSE-800, the most full-featured version of ClickShare available, costs more than 3x Mersive’s Unlimited and Enterprise version of Solstice.  Even at the highest price point, ClickShare never offers the ability to share unlimited posts on the shared display, a configurable layout of content, or a robust solution for one-to-many deployment management.  Solstice includes all these features, and so much more.

Buttons are a Pain.

ClickShare buttons are expensive, functionally obsolete, and a nightmare to manage.  The button experience still requires users to run an app, offering no cost-justifying advantage over entirely app-based products like Solstice.  Buttons must be paired to a specific base unit and updated regularly, requiring hands-on interaction from your IT team and tech managers.  Most ClickShare base units are deployed as standalone WAPs and cannot be managed via the network, but even changing settings for a network-connected base unit often requires all buttons to be manually re-paired to that unit. 

Solstice offers a uniform and intuitive user experience regardless of device and utilizes your existing network(s) to enable seamless collaboration between all user groups and enable one-to-many deployment monitoring via the Solstice Dashboard.  The Dashboard provides scores of configuration options and may also be used to check for software updates and push those updates to some or all managed endpoints on your network. 

Feature Comparison

Mersive Solstice UnlimitedAirmedia Logo
User Capabilities
Max number of posts on screen
Max number of posts on screen from single user
Industry leading UI
Drag-and-drop control of content on screen
Customizable layout of content on screen
Moderator capabilities
Desktop and application window streaming
CheckmarkDesktop Only
iOS and Android mirroring
Video file playback from local hard drive
Compatible with touch displays
IT Deployment/Management
Sync multiple rooms into same meeting
Centralized, one-to-many management
Configurable Ethernet, WiFi, and WAP modes
Extensive and customizable security settings
Quality of service (QoS)
Actively supported 3rd party integration API
Emergency and display banner messaging
Feature-rich software upgrade path
Includes room scheduling via calendar integration
Cost per room

Other Considerations:

Solstice is Flexible on Your Network(s).

Solstice allows you to deploy precisely the way your network requires and allows you to customize everything from the WAP’s broadcast channel to the base communication port.  ClickShare, even if deployed on-network, is inflexible and requires you to make modifications to your network.

Upgrade Your Software, Don’t Buy New Hardware

Solstice also offers a rich product roadmap and software upgrade path to deliver value-add features that become available after the initial purchase date and may be deployed remotely via the Solstice Dashboard.  The ClickShare roadmap is hardware based and you are expected to upgrade by purchasing a new hardware unit every time significant product changes are made. 


Solstice is a truly enterprise-ready collaboration solution that facilitates the best meetings you’ve ever had.  Try it today!

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