Solstice vs weConnect


While Solstice and weConnect are both wireless streaming solutions, they provide users and technology managers with different experiences. Solstice turns any display into a collaboration hub, while weConnect focuses specifically on the classroom.  Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) has played a pivotal role in evolving pedagogies as schools look for new ways to encourage collaborative learning in an instructor-led environment. 

Curb classroom chaos.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are a wonderful classroom democratizer and encourage active participation.  However, when students and instructors start utilizing their personal smartphones and laptops in a class setting, privacy and content control become paramount issues. 

Forcing students and instructors to share their entire desktop or mirror their entire phone’s display mandates a diligent ‘clean up’ prior to every lecture.  Notifications must be turned off, documents must be closed, and relevant content must be organized ahead of class to prevent accidentally sharing too much with the entire lecture hall. 

You don’t have to share your entire screen.

Solstice respects your privacy, and lets you share only what you want.  You can share or mirror your entire screen when you want, but you can also choose to share only select individual application windows or files saved to your device.  This means the presenter can share a video without her email notifications distracting the class, and students can share their classwork without worrying about getting a text or other disruptive notifications.

Feature Comparison

Mersive Solstice UnlimitedAirtame
User Capabilities
Max number of posts on screen
Max number of posts on screen from single user
Industry leading UI
Drag-and-drop control of content on screen
Customizable layout of content on screen
Moderator preview and control
Desktop and application window streaming
CheckmarkDesktop Only
iOS mirroring
Android mirroring
IT Deployment/Management
Configurable WAP mode
Access for guest & employee networks via secure dual-network mode (no adapter required)
Quality of service (QoS)
Comprehensive 3rd party integration API
Emergency and display banner messaging
Includes room scheduling via calendar integration

Other Considerations:

Meeting Overhead

Solstice provides users with a click-to-connect experience via tools like our Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) and a Bonjour proxy to enable AirPlay functionality on a network that does not support broadcast traffic. The weConnect setup and sign-in processes are burdensome, creating time-consuming overhead for educators to start using the product at the beginning of each lecture, and significantly limiting usability for guests.

Difference in Cost

The unlimited, enterprise edition Solstice Pod with a year of software maintenance is yours for a one-time payment of $1299.  weConnect is currently priced from $480/year for a classroom to $1980/year for a collaboration room, and both prices require a 5-year commitment.

Active Learning is on the Solstice roadmap. Be prepared for these updates by keeping your maintenance active!

weConnect and Solstice both allow students and instructors to wirelessly share content, but only Solstice provides an unlimited use-case that lets you protect your privacy by sharing only what you want. Try it today!