Solstice Wireless Collaboration for the Enterprise



Transform ordinary meeting and learning spaces by placing content at the center of the meeting experience. 

  • Solstice transforms single threaded presentation, with one person controlling the meeting to a more dynamic meeting setting, where all attendees can contribute to the conversation.
  • Context switching with Solstice is easy, new content can be shared by any meeting participant who cares to add to the discussion. The on-deck panel to the center of the screen works as a content hub and allows for context switching that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the meeting. 
  • Everyone has control over the shared display from whatever devices they brought into the meeting. Shared digital content can be moved, organized, or discarded into the on-deck panel as easily and intuitively as if they were physical documents on a shared table.  

With Solstice, multiple users can stream digital content from any type of device they bring into a meeting to a display simultaneously.

How it works:

  • Plug it in
  • Connect a Display
  • Attach to your network
  • Collaborate!

Best End User Features:

  • 10+ Connected Users
  • Unlimited Content
  • Device Agnostic
  • Best-in-class User Interface

Built for the Enterprise:

  • Centralized IT Management
  • Secure, On-network Deployment
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Moderator Mode

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