Solstice Wireless Presentation System Overview

Solstice enhances engagement and participation in any room with a wireless display of any resolution, and is commonly used to create a dynamic wireless presentation system.  In the overview video below, we give a high-level overview of the Solstice system – from the necessary hardware and software components to various network deployment options.  For a more interactive view of the Solstice system, check out

There are two main pieces of software in a Solstice system:  the purchased and licensed 8K-ready software that comes pre-installed on a Pod or may be installed on a suitable Windows machine, and the free unlicensed apps end users download to share content to a Solstice display.  The Solstice Pod is a small, standalone, turnkey compute module that attaches directly to any HDMI-capable display, but some users prefer to leverage existing meeting-room infrastructure by purchasing a licensed version of Solstice to install on their own machines running Windows 7, 8, 10, or 2008 or 2012 Windows server software.  Both options give you a perpetual Solstice license and one free year of maintenance and updates.

The free end-user apps are available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.  Windows and Mac OS apps may be downloaded directly from the Solstice host or from our downloads page, and mobile apps are available in the appropriate app stores.  While the Solstice host can provide the app to laptops that connect to the host’s IP address without any connection to the internet, mobile devices will require internet access to download the app from the relevant store.

There are several ways to connect Solstice to a network.  Solstice software running on a preexisting PC inherits the networking capabilities of the host device, and the Solstice Pod has two separate network interface cards for Ethernet and WiFi.  This means the Pod can simultaneously connect to two networks and may be used by collaborators with different network permissions, such as main and guest networks in an enterprise.  For more information and network configuration options, see the network deployment guide.

For our enterprise clients, all Solstice hosts may be centrally managed by the Solstice Dashboard.  This free software allows an administrator to deploy, manage, update, and monitor Pods and Software hosts, as well as collect user and network analytics from a single screen.

Check out the ‘Use Solstice’ page to learn more >>

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