Award-Winning Wireless Presentation System

Solstice allows for a single presenter to share content to a display in the room, leading the discussion among their peers. Share your slide deck, slide show of images, or scroll through your PDF proposal in real-time.

Solstice also gives you the ability to stage content you plan on presenting in the docking area, so you’re prepared and can eliminate time wasting locating files to stream content.

Features Built for Team Collaboration

Solstice does more than just ‘cut the cord’ – it transforms a rigid, 1-to-1 relationship between the display and presenter into a dynamic, shared solution for all attendees. Context switching is as easy as bringing a new piece of shared content from the on-deck panel to the center of the screen, and does not disrupt the flow of the meeting. Everyone has control over the shared display from whatever devices they brought into the meeting, and can move and organize posts as easily and intuitively as if they were physical documents on a shared table.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Content

Solstice allows any number of users to share unlimited media content (images, video, web content, app windows) from their laptop or mobile device to a display.

Moderation and Access Control

Moderators can preview and accept or reject media posts submitted by guest users before the item posts to the display. Pending requests appear in an intuitive moderator queue that can be managed live.

Customizable Display Layouts

Individual users can also move, scale, or delete content that is shared to the display from the Solstice app.

iOS and Android Screen Mirroring

Anyone in the room can share their device screen from an Android, Apple, or Windows laptop or mobile device.

Centralized IT Management for Multiple Rooms

Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods can be managed via a centralized IT management dashboard.

Who’s it for?

Solstice is the perfect wireless presentation system for classrooms, study halls, conference rooms, huddle rooms, or any meeting space where you share content and ideas.

With built in features such as moderation and access control, the ability to connect from nearly any type of operating system or device, as well as a version that allows an unlimited number of users to connect – there are a wide range of different use cases where Solstice can be deployed.

Solstice will help you meet your organizational needs while simultaneously meeting your network requirements through the built in enterprise-class security, admin, and management features.

How it works

Step 1:

Connect a Solstice host PC or a Solstice Pod to a display.

Step 2:

Download the Free Solstice App (for laptops & mobile devices – Apple, Windows, & Android).

Download Free Solstice App

Step 3:

Share wirelessly from laptops and mobile devices to the display

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