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Huddle Rooms

Enhance Collaboration in Ad Hoc and Informal Meeting Spaces.
Meetings are at the center of workplace collaboration. Solstice helps you create better meetings and get the most out of your informal meeting spaces so your teams can collaborate freely and share their best ideas.
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Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are meeting areas designed for informal small group collaboration and are often equipped with video conferencing to support remote team members. Since Solstice is both cost effective and easy to install, it can be easily added to any huddle room to enhance collaboration and add remote connectivity to the space. And if you want to get insights into how often your huddle rooms are being used, Solstice gives you the insights you need with robust meeting space analytics.

Ad Hoc and Transitional Spaces

To make the most out of existing office spaces, create more ad hoc collaboration spaces or make better use of transitional areas such as hallways and kitchens. With Solstice, any ad hoc collaboration space can be equipped with wireless collaboration and video conferencing support. And when not in use for impromptu collaboration, Solstice-enabled displays in any transitional area can play digital signage to communicate important information across your organization.
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Benefits of Adding Solstice to Your Huddle Rooms and Transition Spaces

Enhance Collaboration

Improve productivity and alignment in impromptu meetings with dynamic, multi-participant collaboration.

Support Video Conferencing

Add seamless video conferencing support to any ad hoc collaboration space by pairing with a supported USB A/V peripheral.

Communicate Company-wide Messages

Keep employees informed with digital signage playback to communicate company events, celebrate work anniversaries, and more.

One Platform for Any Meeting Space

The Solstice Pod is a flexible software-based appliance that hosts Solstice collaboration software and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment. And with cloud integrations such as digital signage playback, meeting analytics, and more, Solstice lets you get the most out of your meeting spaces.

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