Get More out of Surface Hub with Solstice.

Combine Solstice with Surface Hub to deliver unrivaled collaboration capabilities.

Get more out of Skype for Business.

Solstice enhances the benefits of using Surface Hub’s Skype for Business video conferencing integration by adding a better content sharing experience.

Drive adoption of Surface Hub through cross-platform BYOD.

Solstice transforms the Surface Hub into a cross-platform BYOD solution by adding support for users connecting with devices running iOS, Android, and OSX.

Utilize the Surface Hub to its full capacity.

Leverage the Surface Hub’s touch, annotation, and whiteboarding features to interact with content shared
with Solstice.

What is Solstice?

Solstice is a cross-platform wireless content sharing solution that can be leveraged as a powerful add-on to the Microsoft Surface Hub to give multiple users the ability to share content to the display simultaneously.

Get to work.

Significantly reduce the time it takes to start

your meetings.

Involve everyone.

Boost participant engagement by allowing anyone in the meeting to connect and share from any device.

Drive better results.

Content simplifies and creates context for complex conversations, while driving comparative analysis.

Solstice Key Features:

  • Android and iOS mirroring support, including iOS 11
  • Support for touch displays
  • Dual network modes support guest and corporate/campus users 

Pricing for Solstice starts at $799!

Solstice and Surface Hub are made for each other.

Don’t limit the content you share!
Surface Hub supports only a single content post on display at a time!

By simply connecting the Solstice Pod to the Surface Hub via HDMI, all meeting participants can wirelessly share unlimited content from their devices to the display, taking meeting room productivity to the next level.