Collaborate more effectively, no matter how many people attend your meeting.

Solstice team collaboration tools give your team the ability to increase engagement and drive towards a consensus, without wasting time fighting with technology.


Who’s it for?

Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, or any meeting space with a display. Solstice can be deployed on your existing corporate or campus networks. The Solstice Pod gives you all the collaborative tools, flexible deployment options, and IT management features that you need.

Solstice gives you the tools you need to collaborate more effectively, whether its a small group of 4 meeting ad-hoc in a huddle space or cross-functional teams collaborating on a project in different locations on the same network.

Collaborating using Solstice is simple. To get started all you need is a display, a Solstice Pod, and a wired or wireless network to connect to. There’s no need for additional investments to deploy.

Plug it in

Connect Display

Attach Network


Collaboration Features

Additionally, Solstice can be your Additionally, Solstice can be your ‘go-to’ collaboration solution if you happen to meet with larger groups in conference rooms. Solstice Unlimited allows for up to an unlimited number of users to connect to the display simultaneously. If someone is presenting, simply change your meeting to moderator mode and your meeting becomes a one-to-many format.

Multi-User, Multi-Source Content Sharing

Switch from one presenter to one-to-many collaboration on the fly.

Multi-Room Capability

Extend in-room collaboration to multiple locations on the network. Learn more about Multi-Room capability.

Wireless Desktop, App Window, and Media File Sharing

Your team can share their desktops, app windows, or media files simultaneously without passing a cable.

Built in WAP

The Solstice Pod can be deployed anywhere there is a display with a HDMI port – perfect for ‘drop-in’ deployments.

On-Display Control

Everyone in the meeting can control content on the display, once shared from each team member’s device.

Integrates with Existing VTC + Voice Audio Systems

Put digital content that you share on par with audio/video in your meetings.