Technology Used in Meetings

Meeting Technology 2012 vs 2015

Meeting culture has changed significantly over the past decade, and the technology used in meetings has changed as well.  Even between the two surveys Mersive conducted only 3 years apart (the first in 2012, the second in 2015), meeting technology has shifted dramatically.  In 2012, nearly 80% of meeting participants typically brought a pen and paper with them to a meeting while less than 10% would bring a tablet.  Just 3 years later, less than 20% of attendees deem pen and paper to be essential meeting technology, while tablet use has more than tripled.

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What are people bringing into meetings?

In 2012, the most common digital technology brought to meetings was a Windows laptop, likely company issued.  This is the only digital technology to have decreased in popularity between the studies, indicating a shift towards BYOD (bring your own device) meeting culture.  The dramatic decrease in pen and paper also alludes to a change in how people use technology to solve problems in real time.  Without a collaborative display solution, pen and paper are the easiest way to mock up a design or work through an issue as a group.  With a multi-location collaborative display solution like Solstice, problems can be solved and decisions can be made in real time in the appropriate software even if the entire group cannot meet in the same physical location.  Content is the center of the modern meeting, and people are increasingly likely to bring a mobile device to a meeting with the intent of using it as their primary note taking and content sharing technology.  The wireless display has taken the crown from whiteboards and notepads as the center of the modern meeting space, and meeting technology trends show how important it is to ensure anyone entering the room can connect and collaborate from any device.  Solstice provides a consistent and intuitive user experience across all platforms to keep the focus on the meeting content rather than figuring out how to use the meeting technology.

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