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Technology in the air: Denver ranks in top five cities for startups

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It looks as though lots of people are realizing what my co-founder Steven Webb and I recognized in 2008 when we moved the Mersive offices to Denver, Colo.  – Denver is a great place to run a startup!

VentureBeat, a Web-based publication that covers technology and startups, published a list yesterday of the top five American cities for startups. And Denver made the list!

Denver is a city teeming with 20- and 30-somethings who aren’t content being buried in a big-company nine-to-five job.  We’ve found it easy to attract amazing individuals here at Mersive.  And the lifestyle in Denver (great food, incredible summer/winter sports, booming art scene) supports company loyalty and reinforces a strong team culture that is important for innovative companies.

As they point out in the article, Denver has a low cost of living, considering the average income competes with San Francisco, and a high level of education (almost 70 percent of people have a bachelor’s degree or higher). There are also a lot of self-identified “creatives” in Denver. Its proximity to Boulder helps too, which houses the National Institute of Standards and Technology, among many other government research organizations. There is also a thriving technology entrepreneurial community that pulls from both Boulder and Denver, and they conduct regular meetups.

Basically, Denver and Boulder are both full of creative and educated people, and that’s conducive to running a startup. As I finalize this post, I’m walking less than 50 yards from my office to one of many micro-breweries in the neighborhood, River North, for a beer with some Mersive engineers. Later this month, a few of us are climbing the north face of Longs Peak together. How could you not love the startup culture in Denver?

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