Solstice Quickstart

How to Use Solstice

Watch this quick overview video to learn how to collaborate with Solstice.


Get the Solstice App

Want to connect to a Mersive Solstice display? Download the free user app for your device below, or simply follow the connection instruction visible on the display.

Connect to Solstice

Open the Solstice App, find your room’s display, then click to connect.

If prompted, enter in the 4-digit screen key visible on the display. 

Share and Control Content

Share content to the display using the options on the Share panel.

Arrange and control shared content on the Layout panel.

Other Ways to Use the App

  • Drag and drop posts on or off the on-deck panel on the left side of the app.
  • Click and hold, or right-click a post to view options to make it full screen, create a stack, or delete it.
  • Pinch-to-zoom a post on touch-enabled devices.
  • On mobile devices, press and hold the red dot to temporarily markup the display.

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