Mersive’s Deal Registration Program provides pricing protection to our authorized channel partners on opportunities where they have played an active role in introducing Solstice to prospective customers. To reward our partners for bringing new business opportunities to our attention, we offer an additional 5% discount* on registered and approved opportunities. Deal Registration pricing gives our partners some pricing protection and reassurance that all of our partners offer Solstice products to customers for the same price.

Register a Deal

Mersive deal registration benefits include:

Exclusive pricing advantage over competitors; potentially higher margins

Assistance from Mersive regional sales rep to help close the deal

Early pre-sales and engineering support to help win the business

Mersive Training & Certification

To qualify for deal registration, each reseller office must complete the Mersive Training & Certification Program. Once complete, your office will be qualified to register opportunities with Mersive.


Get Certified

Opportunity registration program Rules of Engagement:

  • Deal Registration is for net new opportunities; you cannot register accounts. If Solstice is already deployed into an account, Registration will likely not be approved. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis and if the reseller can prove that the additional business gained is a result of their activity. This is up to the discretion of the regional sales rep.
  • Deal Registration is only offered to partners that have completed Solstice Certification. Reseller offices must have at least one representative certified on our product offering. For regional or national resellers, we will require at least one person from each office or region to be certified for that office to register opportunities.
  • Registration not valid on bids or projects that were the results of an outside consultant’s design and/or specifications.
  • Once approved, the program entitles the dealer to an additional 5% discount*.
  • Deal Registrations MUST be for 10 or more units, and the orders for these must come in increments of a minimum of 10 units.
  • Deal Registrations will be accepted or rejected within 3-5 business days. Mersive reserves the right to review registration details prior to extending any discounts.


*Discount percentages vary in markets where we have distributor coverage.