Solstice Subscription

Get access to new product features and improvements via software updates with your Solstice Subscription.


Solstice Subscription (formerly Solstice Software Maintenance) provides access to new features and improvements via software updates after the initial purchase date. A current Software Subscription plan is also required to utilize Mersive Kepler deployment monitoring and meeting analytics service as well as to access technical support from our Solstice experts.

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Solstice Subscription Overview

Renew My Solstice Subscription

Solstice Pods or software licenses with expired Software Subscription will need to renew in order to access the latest software updates.

One year of Software Subscription is included with the original purchase of Solstice Pod or software license. Extended Software Subscription is available at a discounted rate when purchased up front or for 20% of the original purchase price annually.

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Renew My Solstice Subscription