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Deploy with Confidence

  • Auto-configure your Solstice rooms with configuration templates.
  • Schedule software updates during off-hours to avoid room outages.
  • Set up email alerts to address issues before they cause disruption.

Global Deployment Management and Analytics

Customisable to Your Organisation

Create categories such as city and room type to batch configure and compare Pods in ways that make sense for your company.

Complete Control from Anywhere

View real-time room status and manage your deployment securely from anywhere with an internet connection.


Maximise Room Uptime

Schedule software updates outside of business hours and receive automated email alerts to resolve issues before they cause disruption to end users.


Monitor Room Density

Solstice’s room occupancy analytics allow admins to track the density of their meeting spaces over time with max and average hourly occupancy metrics.

Enterprise Ready

From data encryption, GDPR compliance, and its cloud architecture, Solstice Cloud was designed with security and scalability in mind.

Promote Workforce Collaboration

Insights into room utilisation and collaboration analytics to better understand and support users’ needs and inform workplace strategy.

A Secure Cloud Portal

Solstice Cloud is equipped with powerful management and analytics capabilities. Dive deeper into each segment to learn more.

Solstice Deployment Management

Administrators can securely deploy, monitor, and update Solstice Pods at scale from anywhere in the world.

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Meeting Analytics and Insights

Collect and leverage actionable, data-driven insights on meeting and learning spaces to optimise utilisation and productivity.

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Remote Access to All Your Meeting and Learning Spaces

Schedule software updates, configure Solstice Pod settings, respond proactively to issues, view real-time analytics, and more – all without physically visiting your Solstice spaces.

Solstice Cloud was built from the ground up with security, stability, and data integrity as top priorities.

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