Mersive Kepler is a cloud-based service that streamlines day-to-day oversight of Solstice deployments and provides data analytics on meeting space collaboration and utilization. By collecting data from Solstice Pods installed in meeting spaces, Kepler empowers organizations to drive greater meeting space usability, productivity, and ROI.


  • Real-time data on all the Solstice Pods in a deployment
  • Health statuses and actionable alerts
  • Usage data and collaboration metrics
  • Support for deployments of any size
  • Accessible anywhere with internet access
  • IT-compliant system architecture and network security protocols

(Required: Enterprise Edition Solstice Pods version 3.4 or later with a current Solstice subscription)


Deployment Monitoring

Detect and resolve meeting room issues before meeting participants even notice. Kepler’s cloud-based service delivers real-time data on the status and health of your Solstice deployment including meeting room problems, security setting changes, and Pod health and activity.

Meeting Analytics

Meeting Analytics

Kepler analytics empower technology and facilities managers to make data-driven planning and budget decisions about meeting rooms based on utilization. Data tracked by Kepler includes peak meeting hours, most used rooms, average meeting duration, and more.

Meetings that take place in huddle spaces are 34% shorter and involve 22% more shared content than meetings in traditional conference rooms.

Kepler data, 2018

More to Come

More To Come

Kepler development is ongoing! New capabilities like advanced analytics, automated insights, and scheduled versus unscheduled meeting metrics are already in development.

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