What’s included with Solstice Subscription?

New Software Features and Updates

  • New software-based capabilities
  • Product enhancements

Mission Critical Services

  • Solstice Conference
  • Deployment monitoring
  • Meeting space analytics

Full Deployment Support

  • Extended hardware warranty up to three years
  • Tier one technical support

How it Works

Top Reasons to Renew Your Solstice Subscription

Solstice Conference in huddle room

Support Hybrid Meetings

Solstice Subscription includes access to Solstice Conference, extending the Solstice collaboration experience to remote participants through the conferencing platform of choice and expanding room support to include both hybrid and onsite meetings.


Optimize Your Deployment

Solstice Subscription includes access to deployment monitoring and meeting space analytics via Solstice Cloud. In combination with Solstice Cloud’s deployment management capabilities, these Subscription services empower organisations to avoid end user disruptions and optimise their Solstice-enabled spaces.

Using Solstice App on mobile

Future Proof Your Collaboration Spaces

From access to future features to hardware warranty and technical support, Solstice Subscription future-proofs your meeting room strategy and investment.


Summary of Solstice’s Perpetual and Subscription Capabilities

Every Solstice Pod includes a licence to use Solstice’s perpetual features and capabilities for the life of the Pod, as well as the option to use subscription features with a current Solstice Subscription.

===Items===Solstice’s Perpetual-Use CapabilitiesSolstice Subscription Features
Perpetual Solstice FeaturesSolstice Subscription Required
In-room content sharing, control, and markup-
Digital signage playback-
Room calendaring-
Solstice Cloud deployment management-
Open API-
All network configuration & security options-
All hardware-based capabilities (I/O, etc)-
Solstice Conference
Solstice Cloud deployment monitoring
Solstice Cloud meeting analytics
Access to new features via Solstice updates
Extended hardware warranty (up to 3 years)
Tier 1 technical support

Advantages of Solstice’s Software-Based Architecture

As a software-based product, Solstice undergoes continuous development and refinement in collaboration with some of the world’s leading corporate and higher education institutions. Solstice Subscription provides all Mersive customers access to these ongoing innovations that help make their meeting and learning spaces more collaborative and productive.

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