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5.5 Release Updates | Unified Experience

September 2022
5.5 Release Updates | Unified Experience

  • A Unified Meeting Experience for All Users, Across All Meeting Spaces. Solstice 5.5 delivers a consistent collaborative experience for both in-person and remote workers for any type of room, including dedicated Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.
  • A Simpler, More Engaging User Experience. We’ve redesigned Solstice’s interface and workflows to create a more intuitive and straightforward experience for all users.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency for the Solstice Pod. Solstice 5.5 intelligently controls the Pod’s performance level, decreasing energy consumption by up to 40% in some use cases.
  • Support for More Third-Party Devices. With the rollout of our Automation Lab, Solstice 5.5 supports more devices – which have undergone rigorous testing and certification – than ever before.


Previous Updates

Solstice 5.5 in Room Integration

Solstice 5.5 delivers the next evolution of BYOM for the return to office era

With version 5.5, Solstice seamlessly integrates with any Teams, Zoom, or Webex Room to provide a true Bring Your Own Meeting experience. Solstice 5.5 also gives users the flexibility to use their dedicated room setup as a traditional room with agnostic conferencing support.

Release Notes

Solstice Conference in meeting room

Solstice 5.4 Adds Automatic Disconnect Based on Proximity

Solstice version 5.4 improves ease of use and content sharing security by automatically disconnecting users when Solstice detects they are no longer in the room. Designed as one of Solstice’s intelligent room features, this capability increases the efficiency of meeting transitions and ensures shared content isn’t unintentionally viewed by others after the meeting ends.Release Notes

People using Solstice Conference

Meet the New Solstice Conference in Solstice 5.3

Solstice Conference provides a better conferencing experience by offering a true BYOM room system with agnostic support for all video conferencing services, along with a touchless one-step start, wireless connectivity, and multi-participant content sharing.

The newest version of Solstice Conference brings the experience to more rooms and users than ever before, with superior performance, broader laptop and peripheral support, and an enhanced Solstice app, resulting in the ultimate collaboration solution for the hybrid workplace.

Webinar RecordingRelease Notes

Solstice 5.2 Adds Google Workspace Room Calendar Support

The latest version of Solstice adds support for the integration of Google Workplace room calendars alongside existing support for Microsoft Exchange and Office365 calendars, allowing organizations to utilize their room calendaring platform of choice in their Solstice enabled spaces.

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Better Workplace Analytics Using Solstice Cloud

Solstice Cloud Analytics can help you measure the effectiveness and productivity of your Solstice-enabled meeting and learning spaces by providing meaningful data on utilization and collaboration. New Solstice Cloud capabilities include:

  • Occupancy counter to track room density
  • In-room tech analytics to promote collaboration
  • Hybrid work trends with video conferencing data
  • Ability to export Pod data to a CSV file

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5.0 What's New

Solstice 5.1 Adds Full Solstice Conference Support for Mac

The latest version of Solstice adds full Solstice Conference support for MacOS laptops and expanded support for room peripherals. And with expanded display power management based on room occupancy, Solstice can automatically turn the display on and off when users enter or leave the room, providing a touchless meeting room experience that’s easy to use.

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