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Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod

Solstice 4.3 Adds Audio Support for HDMI Input

Solstice version 4.3 adds audio support for HDMI input on the Gen3 Pod and streamlines the first-time connection experience with expanded DNS support.

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VLAN diagram

Solstice 4.2 Expands Multi-Network Support

Solstice 4.2 expands Solstice’s multi-network support from two networks to five total networks with 802.1Q VLAN tagging.

Enterprise Edition Solstice Pods (Gen2i and Gen3 only) now support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging on the Pods’ wired Ethernet interface, enabling connectivity to up to four VLANs. 

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Solstice 4.0 Software and Gen 3 Hardware Platform

Solstice 4.0 combined with Gen3 hardware create a single platform for modern meeting spaces of all sizes. In this release, Mersive adds support for dual HDMI output, simultaneous HDMI-input, 4k Ultra HD, PoE+, and wireless mark-up via Solstice Ink.

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Kepler is a powerful deployment monitoring and meeting analytics product designed to improve large-scale Solstice deployments. The cloud-based service streamlines ongoing oversight of Solstice deployments and provides actionable meeting analytics based on Solstice usage.

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Miracast Support

Miracast-enabled Windows and Android devices can now wirelessly share content to Solstice Pods using the Miracast streaming protocol without the Solstice app. 

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Digital Signage

Solstice extends the ability to play HTML-based signage content on Solstice-enabled displays. Supported signage sources include Appspace feeds, Google slides and sites, screen feeds, and more. Bring both digital signage to meeting spaces and wireless collaboration to digital signage spaces.

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