Mersive Solstice: The Superior Polycom Alternative

With award-winning software and optimized hardware, Solstice provides the industry’s most flexible, powerful meeting space platform capable of supporting a broad range of room configurations, resulting in improved meeting start-up times, participant engagement, and productivity.

See How Solstice Compares to Polycom Pano


Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited
Mersive Solstice
Gen3 Pod Unlimited

Polycom vs Solstice Pod

Collaboration Capabilities & Ease of Use

BYOD Wireless Content Sharing check check
Number of Content Sources on Screen Unlimited 4
Number of Content Sources Per User Unlimited 1
Desktop & App Window Sharing check check
HD Quality Streaming check check
4K UHD Wireless Streaming check Close
AirPlay & Miracast Mirroring check check
Annotation/Markup check check
Moderator Mode check Close
Multi-Room Collaboration check Close

Technology Standards & Integrations

Digital Signage Playback check Close
Room Calendar Integration check Close
Support for Touch Displays check check
4K UHD Display Support check check
Dual-Display Support check Close
API for Third Party Integrations check Close

IT Configuration, Management, & Security

Guest/Multi-Network Support check Close
Centralized Management check check
Deployment Monitoring check check
Meeting Analytics check Close
Quality of Service (QoS) check Close
  $1,399* $2,290*

Discover the Solstice Advantages

Cost vs Capability

Enterprise Readiness

Ease of Use, Adoption, and ROI

Cost vs. Capability

Solstice is the most powerful and flexible wireless collaboration platform, and it is also affordable for every meeting space – approximately 60% the price of Poly Pano. Both Solstice and Pano offer support for Airplay, Miracast, and streaming via dedicated user apps, but Solstice also includes other capabilities required to support core collaboration use cases, such as session moderation and multi-room collaboration.

Beyond wireless collaboration, Solstice offers value-add features and integrations that are missing from Pano – such as room calendar integration, digital signage playback, and support for rooms configured with dual displays – to deliver more ROI from meeting spaces. Solstice’s superior feature set and significantly lower price point make it the cost-versus-capability leader in market and the clear choice compared to Poly Pano.

Mersive_Homescreen28 2

Enterprise Readiness

Solstice Pods are fully IT-compliant and scalable to any number of rooms, providing enterprises with all of the security, management, and configuration options they need to be successful starting on day one and through global rollouts. Batch configuration and updates are supported through a centralized management tool, and deployment monitoring, alerts, and meeting analytics are facilitate ongoing oversight of all the Solstice Pods on the network as well as optimization of meeting spaces for usability, productivity, and ROI.

While Pano includes some enterprise capabilities, it lacks features like meeting analytics and room calendar integration to derive full maximum value from meeting spaces.


Ease of Use, Adoption, and ROI

Mersive Solstice has been designed and refined to deliver the best possible user experience in order to drive adoption and ROI. Solstice users can share any amount of content to the display, and Solstice delivers the same, intuitive user experience from every device as well as the ability for every connected user to arrange the layout of content on the room display from their devices. Polycom Pano suffers from low usability scores overall. Pano does not provide a consistent user experience across device platforms, is limited to a maximum of 4 content sources, and, does not allow users to arrange layout of content on display from their devices. Solstice delivers the industry-leading in-room meeting experience, and Mersive’ s meeting analytics service, Kepler, provides data driven insights into adoption, meeting space utilization, and ROI.


Thousands of Companies Trust Solstice

We work with more than 6,000 corporate and higher education customers including many Fortune 100 companies.