Mersive Solstice

How Solstice Transforms Meetings and Drives Collaboration

“The world’s modern problem sets really need modern data to solve them, but there wasn’t a way to be able bring all that content into the conference room during a decision-making session” Christopher Jaynes, Ph.D., Mersive CTO and Founder

Solstice is a software that focuses on supporting in-room social interactions with collaborative technology.  Presentation-style meetings are rarely effective for solving problems that require people to work together, because the pace of a collaborative meeting is too fast for participants to hand off a cable to share their data to a display.  Solstice allows every participant to quickly share data in the form of spreadsheets, 3D modeling programs, or any other relevant medium, rather than try to explain their point without any data.

“It builds credibility among your peers, because now I’m not now hand-waving about my concepts, I’m showing you those concepts. It lets your story-tell in new ways, because instead of me trying to get you envision what I’m picturing I can show it to you.”

Solstice goes beyond simply displaying a user’s screen – each user may share an unlimited number of posts and use the on-deck area of the Solstice app to organize groups of content and reorder posts within groups.  The WYSIWYG interface allows every user to intuitively drag and drop content on or off the visible shared display and rearrange it on the display in a completely free-form way.  Users are not locked into a quad-grid display or at risk of losing the content they’ve shared if another participants decide to make a post full-screen.

Mersive expanded the productivity-enhancing capabilities of Solstice with Multi-Room to allow geographically diverse teams to experience collaborative Solstice sessions from anywhere on the network.  Multi-Room integrates with existing teleconferencing solutions to make sharing content to a shared display as easy and intuitive as speaking up on a conference call, finally putting content on par with audio and video conferencing solutions that have been around for years.

“Content can simplify complex discussions, it can lend trust and authority to a conversation, and it can also lend context to a conversation. You can actually drive comparative analysis and that’s why meetings are more productive.”