Mersive Solstice

How to use Multi-Room to conference in remote users using VTC

Solstice Multi-Room expands the Solstice content conferencing experience to up to four locations on the same network, and is designed to run seamlessly alongside existing audio/video/web conferencing solutions in the meeting room. This video shows how using Solstice with VTC solutions puts content on par with audio and video in a multi-location meeting.

For internal meetings, participants need only share the Multi-Room meeting name for another Solstice-enabled room to join. In a content-centered meeting, the VTC solution may be as simple as a cell-phone on speaker for voice communication. However, Solstice can enhance more complicated meetings as well.

In the scenario in this video, two teams in the same company have a weekly architectural review. Because one team is based in London while the other is based in New York, they rely on VTC tools like Zoom to collaborate. With the introduction of Solstice Multi-Room, both locations can join a multi-room session and share content to a shared display, where both rooms can see and manipulate the posts as though they were all in the same Solstice-enabled room. As with a local Solstice session, any user can share their desktop, an application window, or a specific media file. Even in a multi-location meeting, a video post will play at full resolution in all locations with synchronous audio.

This week, an outside vendor is joining the meeting to share the results of an environmental impact study. He is not on the same network and cannot participate directly in a multi-room session, but can join the Zoom meeting to use audio conferencing and share his own screen with the team. The Zoom window can be shared to the meeting session as a unique post, and all participants can see his screen in that manner. Like any other post, the vendor’s screen can be made full-screen to all participating locations, or used alongside other relevant content.