Mersive Solstice

Mersive Technologies: A Culture of Collaboration

“Solstice is a software that focuses on the in-room collaboration experience, and that hadn’t been addressed before.”

Solstice was born out of the simple belief that there is a better way to have meetings. Hour-long meetings where participants may share media only in a single-threaded, presentation format and had to actually go solve the problems after the meeting could not possibly stay the norm as workplaces become increasingly fast-paced and collaboration oriented.

“We have a product that we, as a company, use every day.”

The collaborative culture of Mersive Technologies has guided the development of the Solstice software more intimately than market research alone ever could. We use Solstice in our conference rooms, huddle spaces, and offices every single day to collaborate and make informed decisions on everything from graphic design to our API.

Solstice defines our culture as much as our culture has defined Solstice; we believe strongly in hiring smart people and giving them the right tools and space to do their job. No decision is made in a vacuum, and tools like Solstice allow people to make data-driven choices as quickly as possible by bringing content to the center of the discussion. Meetings are never dominated by the first person to happen to plug their computer into the display, because Solstice democratizes the display by allowing anyone in the meeting to quickly share relevant information from any device. This mirrors the Mersive culture, where egos are left at the door, every employee is valued far beyond their current role, and we are always given the opportunity to share an opinion. Sure, we love our dog-friendly office and endless La Croix, but the people that make up the Mersive team truly define our passionate, collaboration-driven culture.

“When you have happy employees, happy staff, you tend to have happy customers”.
Rob Balgley, CEO.

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