Mersive Solstice

Mirror Your iOS Devices with Solstice

Solstice lets users share content from their own devices to a shared display using the free Solstice App, but users may also choose to use iOS mirroring to share content. See how easy it is to use Solstice with iOS or Mac OS in this quick video!

For a written tutorial, see the iOS mirroring section of the Solstice User Guide.

Mirroring of a compatible iOS or Mac OS device such as an iPhone or MacBook is accomplished using AirPlay, a proprietary protocol from Apple. The feature was formally introduced in 2010 and is constantly being improved. AirPlay 2 was announced as a part of iOS 11 and includes deeper integration with common in-home devices like speakers and HomeKit enabled products. The update enables iPhone and iPads to connect with devices that could previously only be controlled by MacBooks, articulating the market interest in controlling everything from music to content with the handiest mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

AirPlay uses Apple’s Bonjour protocol to discover compatible devices. This protocol may not work on networks that disable UDP multicast traffic or use multiple VLANs, so Solstice offers an AirPlay Discovery Proxy that can enable normal mirroring behavior using a different protocol. AirPlay requires many more networks port be open than in a standard Solstice deployment and network firewall/antivirus exceptions must be made to properly enable iOS mirroring. For information on how to configure AirPlay on your network, see the relevant section of the network deployment guide.

While an iOS or Mac OS device may join a Solstice session using AirPlay, the only sharing option is to stream the device’s entire screen in real-time. We recommend users on all platforms download and use the free applications available on our site or the relevant app store to choose whether you want to share your entire screen or just certain files and control content on the shared display.

Check out the ‘Use Solstice’ page to learn more.