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Solstice Calendar Integration

One of the highly-requested features we introduced in the Solstice 3.1 release is room scheduling via calendar integration.  Now, any Solstice-enabled display can receive and display calendar data to show the schedule for the meeting space. This information also shows up in your Solstice app, so if you want to grab a room for an impromptu meeting, you can how long a specific space is free without wandering over there or worrying that someone’s going to come kick you out in a few minutes.

There are three ways to get schedule information up on your Solstice-enabled displays.  You may associate an Office365 account, associate a Microsoft Exchange account, or use any 3rd party calendaring system via our OpenControl API. While we have more pre-built interfaces on the roadmap, the API is the easiest way to integrate with other common calendars like Google Calendar. 

The schedule feature is only available on the modern Solstice welcome screen, so be sure to enable the modern welcome screen via the Solstice Dashboard before enabling the calendar.  Don’t have enterprise edition Pods?  Upgrade today to get access to features like room scheduling, the Solstice Dashboard, and much more!

The video above will show you exactly how to set up calendar integration with each of the three possible methods, but here are a few key points to remember:

  • If you use an Office365 or Microsoft Exchange account and do not supply an impersonation or delegation account, the personal calendar for that account will be used. Curious about the difference between impersonation and delegation?  Learn more.
  • You must supply a properly formatted domain name when authenticating with Microsoft Exchange.
  • Meeting ‘start’ and ‘end’ times must be supplied in epoch time if using the OpenControl API.
  • The OpenControl API may only interact with a Microsoft Exchange calendar as of Solstice 3.3. Please upgrade to Solstice 3.3 or later to use this feature. 
  • For every method, you may choose whether to display meeting titles and/or organizer names.

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