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Series 1: Solstice End User Demo Video

In this video, Mersive founder and CTO Christopher Jaynes explains how Solstice works for the end user.  This ‘Solstice End User Demo’ video is the first in a series of four Solstice training videos.

Solstice allows any user to walk into a room and share content wirelessly from any device that they brought to the meeting, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  It makes meetings start faster, gets more people to contribute, and allows collaboration in ways you’ve never previously experienced.

The Solstice Pod is a turnkey appliance that requires only a display and a network connection, and has two NICs to enable simultaneous connection to enterprise and guest networks.  For those wanting to leverage existing in-room PCs, Solstice may also be purchased as a Windows software.  Solstice is display agnostic and will work with displays of any resolution and configuration.

The Solstice host, be it a Pod or Windows PC running the software, connects to the network and to the display.  Users connect to the Solstice host via free apps available from our website and the appropriate app stores.  Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows devices are all supported and have very similar user interfaces.  These devices need to be on the same network as the Solstice host to connect to the display.  The apps for Windows and Mac OS laptops are available directly from the Solstice Pod, so those devices do not need internet access to download the app.  Depending on your network, you may need to enable the Solstice Discovery Service and/or various proxies to work with existing security protocols before users may see a list of displays available for connection.  See the Network Deployment Guide for more information on how Solstice can work on your network.

In the app, users may connect to a display using the IP address shown on the screen or select a display from a list. Once connected, users may choose to share their entire desktop, certain application windows, or specific media files with synchronous audio.  iOS and Mac OS users may mirror their screen using AirPlay rather than the Solstice app.  An unlimited number of users may connect and share an unlimited amount of content to a Solstice display.  Content may be stacked, hidden, moved, and otherwise manipulated freely as required by the meeting.  Watch the full Solstice end user demo video below for more detail.

Check out the ‘Use Solstice’ page to learn more.

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