Mersive Solstice

Series 1: Solstice Product Suite Overview

This video gives an overview of the components needed for a successful Solstice deployment, as well as the various tools and solutions available to configure Solstice according to your business needs and IT policies.

To use Solstice, you will need a display with an HDMI input or an HDMI adapter, a wired and/or wireless network (optional, but recommended), and a Solstice host. Most customers use the Solstice Pod, a standalone, turnkey appliance running Solstice, but Solstice can also be purchased as a licensed software to be run on an existing Windows PC. End users may use Android, Windows, Mac OSX, and iOS devices to share content to the Solstice-enabled display using the free app on their device. iOS and Android users may also mirror their screens directly to the display.

All enterprise edition hosts may be monitored, updated, and managed via the Solstice Dashboard. This free tool gives IT administrators and/or technology managers control over every Solstice instance on the network and allows them to apply setting changes in bulk, remotely trouble-shoot, and much more from a single pane of glass. Solstice Discovery Service (formerly Solstice Directory Service), an alternative display discovery method for networks that do not allow broadcast traffic, may also be set up and managed via the Dashboard.

There are two levels of Solstice available: unlimited, which allows unlimited users to post unlimited quantities of content to a shared display and Small Group Edition. SGE Pods and Software hosts only allow four simultaneous connections, but are available at a lower price point. Both unlimited and SGE hosts may be purchased with standard or Enterprise Edition licenses, but only hosts with enterprise licenses may be controlled using the Solstice Dashboard or OpenControl API.

The OpenControl API allows for highly customizable interactions between Solstice hosts and other network connected devices, such as a room control panel. This RESTful API can be leveraged by any programming language capable of sending GET/POST commands, and includes keys for all the options available through the Dashboard.

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