Wireless HDMI solutions enable users to stream high-definition content from laptops and mobile devices to a display without being physically connected by a cable.

The ability to share content without the use of cables allows for a cleaner, more modern design and more flexibility for users within the meeting space. No more walking to the podium at the front of the room to get your content up on the big screen. With wireless HDMI, users can share from anywhere in the room. But not all wireless HDMI options are created equal, and in fact, most are designed for home use and don’t suffice in business environments.

The Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod is a
Wireless HDMI Solution Made for the Enterprise.
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Features and integrations beyond content sharing
  • Centrally managed via the Solstice Dashboard
  • Enterprise-grade security

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Mersive Solstice is an award-winning collaboration platform that delivers industry-leading flexibility, performance, and ease of use for wireless BYOD collaboration.

Simply connect the Solstice Pod to your meeting space display to enable meeting participants to easily share content from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones over your existing WiFi/Ethernet networks. The Solstice wireless collaboration platform allows for any number of users to share any amount of content wirelessly and securely.

A Better Alternative for the Enterprise

Innovation is critical for modern businesses to compete, and wireless HDMI can set the meeting experience apart and portray an organization’s forward-thinking culture. But innovation isn’t just a perception, it’s a real business driver fueled by effective teamwork and collaboration. In order for teams to collaborate effectively in meeting spaces, they need the flexibility to go beyond one-at-a-time presentations; they should be able to share, compare, and contrast any amount of content on the meeting room display. Enter Solstice.

The Wireless Collaboration Platform
for Every Meeting Space

Solstice transforms your meeting spaces into collaboration hubs enabling groups to work in more dynamic and productive ways with capabilities designed specifically for business use. The platform includes a consistent user app across every OS, as well as support for native streaming protocols like AirPlay and Miracast. And once the content is up on the screen, it’s easy to adjust layout right from the user app. Solstice also offers user authentication and meeting moderation to ensure only those in the room can share and the meeting owner stays in control. Solstice works with the technology in the room, including support for 4K, touch displays, dual display configurations and more.

multi content wireless sharing

Lastly, Solstice delivers all the administrator tools and network security and configuration capabilities to comply with even the strictest IT policies scale to any number of rooms.

Designed for the Enterprise