Increase student engagement
in the classroom.

“The student community picked up the technology almost immediately. The user interface is very familiar to them in terms of the mobile devices, so students were on board as soon as we opened the building.”Jon Owens, IT Services Owner at University of Warwick

Create your active learning environment.

Solstice goes beyond one-to-many presentation, allowing multiple students to share content simultaneously. All content can then be curated on-screen by the instructor.

Introduce new classroom models like flipping the classroom.

New content sharing methods provide eliminate disruptions associated with standard student engagement model.

Enrich lessons through shared multimedia content.

Increase participation by going beyond single-source content sharing to include multi-source
interactive media.

Leverage Team Enabled Active Learning (TEAL).

Take in-class group projects to the next level by using Solstice by allowing teams to collaborate and present in real-time

Comprehensive Moderation

In a classroom setting, it isn't enough to allow posts onto the screen based on user alone.  While this form of moderation can help unauthorized posts from making it onto the big screen, it forces instructors to trust that every post from students in the room will be on-topic and in good taste.  Solstice's moderation mode includes a preview of every post, so the moderator can see exactly what will be shared before approving it.  

Unlimited Flexibility

Solstice makes it easy to tailor the learning experience to your audience and subject matter.  Whether you are facilitating a round-table discussion, asking groups to present in-class work, or sharing multiple hi-resolution images, Solstice empowers instructors and students alike by allowing anyone to share content from any device they've brought with them.