Wireless Collaboration & Active Learning Solution
for Classrooms and Learning Spaces

Solstice is the ultimate wireless collaboration and active learning platform that combines the power of unlimited content sharing with the flexibility of active routing in multi-screen environments. Our software-based and cloud-enabled technology transforms the learning experience by enabling group collaboration, enriching lesson content, and promoting student-teacher engagement.

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Flexible Wireless Content Sharing

Solstice enhances student engagement by creating collaborative classrooms that allow multiple students to simultaneously stream rich content from their device to a room display.

Sharing content is made easy with just one step to connect using any browser, AirPlay®, Miracast®, or the Solstice app. Solstice uses the local network for the highest streaming performance and lowest networking costs.

Enable Active Learning Classrooms

Solstice Active Learning is software-enabled active routing that provides educators an easy to use and flexible solution for virtually designing and using multi-screen classrooms for active learning.

Additional educational capabilities, such as on-demand messaging, can guide groups through lesson plans and further promote student-teacher engagement.

Ground-Breaking Video Conferencing Integration

In cases where your classroom involves remote participants, Solstice Conference seamlessly bridges the full in-room experience — including any room peripherals — to any video conferencing service in just one step. Then use Solstice Active Learning to route conferencing video to team tables or share student displays with remote users.

Content Moderation and Control

In a classroom setting, it isn’t enough to share posts onto the main display. Capabilities like approving student requests to post content to the display, docking on-screen content for later use, or highlighting and temporarily marking-up content can enrich the learning experience and improve collaboration.

Flexible Management & Insights

Manage your entire Solstice deployment — whether it’s local, regional, or global — from Solstice Cloud, our centralized management portal.

With Solstice Cloud you can also gain critical insights from your learning spaces so that you can optimize productivity.