Do I need a special ethernet switch?

No, virtually any switch will work with Solstice Active Learning.

What is the maximum number of displays I can have within a Solstice Active Learning environment?

Our recommended number of displays varies depending on use case and type of content being shared. Download our Active Learning Performance White Paper to see the expected frame rate based on the number of displays.

What happens if I forget to renew my Active Learning subscription, but I need to keep using it?

Every Pod ships with a 30-day free Active Learning trial. If your current Active Learning subscription runs out and you haven’t already used the free 30-day trial, you can activate it through Solstice Cloud. To prevent oversight of subscription renewals, Solstice Cloud alerts will also remind you to renew.

Does Solstice Active Learning work across campus or remotely?

Mersive does not recommend extending the Solstice Active Learning system across campus, as it is designed to enable a multi-screen space.

However, once Solstice Conference is available, connecting two Solstice Active Learning rooms or a set of remote students will be supported. With a camera and audio system connected to the primary display in an active learning space, remote students will see and hear the session and could share content through a video conferencing system of their choice. Using the Solstice Active Learning app, a facilitator could show the remote student’s content on all room displays or route a specific room display to the primary display to share out with remote participants. This will also be a great option for including global guest presentations.

Do you have education pricing?

Yes, please ask your sales representative for more information.

As the facilitator, do I need to download both the Solstice Active Learning app and Solstice app to share a presentation and route to the displays?

The facilitator should download the Solstice Active Learning app to route and control video within the multi-screen environment. The facilitator can also download the Solstice app if they would like to share content from their facilitator device. Alternatively, there are also other ways to share form the facilitator device, including AirPlay, Miracast, browser-based sharing, and via the Pod’s wired HDMI input.

Can Moderator Mode be used with Solstice Active Learning?

In a teaching environment, Moderator Mode can be enabled for the primary display if students will be sharing directly to it. To promote collaboration within the team tables, it’s best if Moderator Mode is not enabled on secondary/team displays.

Is screen key authentication available with Solstice Active Learning?

Screen key and all other Pod settings are available with Solstice Active Learning.

Should I use my personal device to route video content?

Each facilitator should download the Solstice Active Learning app on their own device(s). This allows them to save their own preferences and gives them the flexibility to move throughout the room while routing video in real time. An optional kiosk mode will be available soon for rooms that have permanent facilitator devices installed.

Which devices are supported with the Solstice Active Learning app?

Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices are all supported.

Can I lock student displays while teaching?

Custom or pre-selected messages are available on the Solstice Active Learning app and can broadcast across all displays preventing users from sharing content until removed.

How do I give control to a guest or substitute teacher?

Each Solstice Active Learning user should have a unique login. If you’re uncertain of how to create a new account, ask your administrator to add someone (like a guest or a substitute teacher) through the admin’s Solstice Cloud account.

Does Mersive have recommendations for active learning pedagogy?

If active learning is a new style of teaching, we encourage that you access resources and experts at your institutions in order to design active learning environments and develop instructional strategies. Mersive is dedicated to building complementary technology to further enhance these unique learning spaces. In order to create the best product, Mersive continually researches and collects feedback from educators and incorporates into new capabilities that are available on a regular basis.

How should Solstice Active Learning rooms be deployed?

Solstice Pods in the multi-screen environment should be connected via ethernet to the same subnet/VLAN.  This ensures low latency video between Pods for the best experience. Network traffic from student and facilitator devices can be routed from independent subnets/VLANs as needed, for example seperate student and faculty networks.

Can students and facilitators be on different networks?

Yes, the facilitator (via Solstice Active Learning app) and students (via Solstice app) can be on a different VLAN, as long as the ports outlined in the Solstice deployment guide are opened. The apps use the same set of ports and rely on routable TCP traffic only.

What are the differences between Solstice Gen2i and Gen3?

There are several distinctions between Gen2i and Gen3. Please see the comparison chart for details. 

What is Solstice?

Solstice is a wireless collaboration software for meeting and learning environments that enables users to easily share an unlimited amount of content from their laptop, mobile device, or tablet to the in-room display. Participants can use their mobile devices to wirelessly point to content and sketch a temporary mark-up on the display. Solstice also integrates with calendaring systems, digital signage feeds, and meeting analytics so that customers gain the most out of their collaboration software.

What are the benefits of using Solstice?

Solstice drives participant engagement, improves meeting efficiency, and yields better results by allowing users to share an unlimited amount of content to the meeting room display. Solstice is easy to use, delivers unmatched collaborative capabilities, is secure and manageable at scale, and delivers additional value to your meeting spaces through features like room calendar integration, digital signage playback, and meeting analytics.

Which laptops and mobile devices can be used with Solstice?

Solstice offers universal support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with a consistent user experience across all supported operating systems.

Can I try Solstice before I purchase?

Yes! You can trial the Solstice Pod or Solstice for Windows free for 30 days with no obligation. See options here

How can I buy Solstice?

Solstice is available for purchase through our extensive network of AV/IT dealer partners, or small quantities can be purchased via the Mersive website. Please refer to this page for more information on your purchase options

Do users need to install any software to connect and share to Solstice Pods?

Mersive recommends users complete a one-time application download to get the full Solstice experience (no admin rights required). Participants can use the Solstice App to mirror their screen, share media files, and control content on the in-room display. Guest users who do not have the Solstice App have the option of using the native screen sharing protocol of their operating system to mirror their screen to the display.

Is Solstice secure enough for my IT network?

Yes, Solstice is designed to be deployed on your existing IT network(s) and has been deployed in some of the most secure corporate and government environments in the world. Security is always first priority for Mersive. In addition to all the security features already built into Solstice (e.g. 2048-bit encryption of Solstice data), Mersive completes annual 3rd-party penetration testing and implements changes to address the findings. At a more fundamental level, Solstice is secure due to its architecture: Solstice streams pixels, not application data (so your spreadsheet or presentation never leave your device) and the product uses a proprietary codec. Beyond IT security, Solstice also offers multiple security options for end users and admins including moderator mode, password protection of configuration settings, and alerts if or when any security settings are changed.

What is a Solstice Subscription?

A Solstice Subscription provides access to new Solstice features and live technical support after the initial purchase date. A free one-year subscription is included with the purchase of a Solstice Pod or Solstice for Windows. Thereafter, the Solstice Subscription is available for an annual fee. Whereas most vendors require the purchase of new hardware to gain new features, Mersive delivers new features via software updates since Solstice is inherently a software platform. This software-based model allows delivery of new innovations with more frequency, less disruption, and at a lower cost than other solutions.

How do I check my Solstice Subscription status and/or renew my subscription?

One year of the subscription is included with the original purchase of Solstice Pod or Solstice for Windows. To get in touch with us to verify the status of your subscription and to extend your subscription plan, please visit this page

Do I have to keep my subscription current, or can I renew when I want the latest release?

You can renew your subscription at any time. If your subscription has lapsed, you will also need to pay for the time lapsed in order to get your subscription current so that you can access past updates.

How do I get in touch with customer support?

Please submit your request via our support portal

What's the difference between the Enterprise and Standard version of the product?

Enterprise Edition Pods and Software can be centrally monitored and managed using the Solstice Dashboard. Enterprise Edition Pods and Software also provide access to additional features not available with Standard versions.

What is the difference between the Small Group Edition and Unlimited?

The Small Group Edition allows up to 4 participants to post content to a Solstice display at the same time, whereas the Unlimited version allows any number of users to use Solstice at the same time.

What is the difference between the Solstice Pod and the Solstice Display Software (Windows Only) version of the product?

The Solstice Pod is a prepackaged hardware / software combination that runs Solstice software on a Mersive-manufactured device. Solstice for Windows is a version of Solstice software than runs on a customer-provided Windows PC.

How does Solstice licensing work? Per user? Per Pod?

When you buy a Solstice Pod or Solstice Display Software, you receive a perpetual license to use the Solstice software version current at the time of purchase. That license only applies to the machine on which Solstice is running, whether that is a Solstice Pod or Windows PC.

What is the Solstice Pod?

The Solstice Pod is a prepackaged hardware / software combination that runs Solstice software on a Mersive-manufactured, Android-based device. It is a wireless content sharing console that enables users to stream content from their laptop and mobile devices to the in-room display. The Pod connects to the in-room display by HDMI and to the IT network(s) via the Pod's Ethernet and/or wireless network interface cards.

What types of spaces is the Solstice Pod designed for?

The Solstice Pod is designed and priced as an "every room" solution with all the capabilities needed for large conference rooms while being affordable enough for informal huddle spaces and student study rooms.

Can I centrally manage all Solstice Pods?

The Solstice Dashboard provides centralized, one-to-many management of every room in a Solstice deployment and exposes the additional features and capabilities of Solstice Enterprise Edition. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

What type of network capabilities does the Pod have?

Solstice is designed to leverage existing WiFi/Ethernet networks to support wireless collaboration in meeting rooms and learning spaces. Solstice can be configured flexibly to meet the requirements of your IT security policy and network topology. Deployment options range from deploying Solstice on a single, “flat” network to support for complex networks with multiple VLANs, subnets, and even secure dual-network deployment across segregated primary and guest networks.

How many users can connect to the Solstice Pod?

The Small Group Edition allows up to 4 participants to post content to a Solstice display at the same time, whereas the Unlimited version allows any number of participants to use Solstice at the same time.

What is the Solstice Dashboard?

The Solstice Dashboard is a configuration and management tool for Solstice instances that enables a technology admin to efficiently deploy and manage Solstice. The Dashboard provides one-to-many management of all Pods deployed on the IT network including updating configuration options and installing new software updates. The Solstice Dashboard is available as Windows software and can be installed on one or multiple admin machines on the network.

Does the Dashboard work with every Solstice Pod?

The use of the Dashboard to configure and manage your Pods requires Enterprise Edition licensing. For more information on Enterprise Edition licensing, please see:

Who should use the Dashboard?

The Solstice Dashboard is designed for use by the technology managers/admins responsible for deploying and managing Solstice. The Dashboard software is free to download, so any number of technology managers and team members can use it.

What else should I know about the Dashboard?

In addition to centralized, one-to-many management, the Dashboard is also used to enable and configure all features and capabilities that require Enterprise Edition licensing. Features include digital signage playback, room calendar integration, onboarding Pods to Kepler, and many more. These features cannot be enabled or configured outside of the Dashboard.

Is the Solstice Dashboard free? Where can I download the software?

Yes, the Solstice Dashboard is free to download and use. However, it can only be used to manage Solstice Pods with Enterprise Edition licenses. The Dashboard is delivered as software for Windows and can be downloaded from

How do I get the latest version of Solstice on all Pods in my deployment?

There are several ways that Pods can access software updates, each with different advantages and steps to complete the update process. For more information on the different methods for updating Pods, check out our guide.

What is Kepler?

Kepler is Mersive's deployment monitoring and meeting analytics solution designed to streamline oversight and management of the Solstice deployment and provide analytics-driven insights to help organizations optimize their meeting spaces.

Who should use Kepler?

Kepler provides day-to-day oversight of the Solstice deployment and meeting room insights and analytics to strategic stakeholders across IT, AV, and facilities to inform workplace planning and budget decisions.

What kind of insights can Kepler provide?

Here are a few examples of real insights from Kepler:

  • Per hour of use, 22% more content is shared in huddle spaces compared to conference rooms.
  • Meetings in huddle spaces are 34% shorter than in conference rooms.
  • Average meeting length hovers around 60 minutes.
  • Each meeting space sees an average of 7.23 unique users per week.
  • Early morning and early afternoon are the busiest meeting times.

How do I get started with Kepler?

Kepler monitoring and analytics is free to use with your Enterprise Edition Solstice Pods version 3.5 or higher. Simply create an account in the Kepler tab of the Dashboard and onboard your Pods to begin collecting data and monitoring them in real-time. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Kepler account and onboard your Pods, please follow this link.

Is Kepler free? How much does it cost?

Kepler is available for every Enterprise Edition Solstice Pod with current software subscription for no additional cost.

What is Solstice Discovery Service?

The Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) is an IT-friendly software service that enables non-broadcast discovery of Solstice displays on the network. With SDS deployed, users are able to see a list of Solstice displays they can connect to when their open their Solstice app, and can easily connect to a display without needing to enter the display's IP address. SDS is delivered as software for Windows and should be installed on a Windows machine that is always up and running on the network.

Do I need SDS?

SDS is recommended for IT networks that do not allow broadcast network traffic (i.e. most IT-managed networks). By default, user devices "discover" Solstice Pods available for connection by means of broadcast network traffic. For managed IT networks that do not allow broadcast traffic, SDS facilitates the discovery of Pods by user devices.

Is SDS free? Where can I download the software?

Yes, SDS is free and available for download.

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