How do I transition my organization's Pods into Solstice Cloud?

Your organization can quickly onboard any number of Pods into Solstice Cloud from the Solstice Dashboard (Solstice Cloud tab). Once imported, configuration templates and categories make management at scale much easier. Learn more on how to get started with Solstice Cloud here.

Do I need to buy additional hardware or licensing?

No additional licenses are required. Only a Solstice Gen3 Pod and a current Solstice Subscription are needed. Additional supported third-party USB cameras and audio/video devices can also be added to make the room conference-ready. See list of supported devices.

Where does Mersive host Solstice Cloud?

The infrastructure for Solstice Cloud is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), therefore benefiting from performance and state-of-the-art security.

What if I don’t want to allow direct cloud access from on-prem devices?

Proxies are supported. Once enabled, all Solstice Cloud traffic will pass through the specified web proxy instead of the Pods communicating directly to Solstice Cloud.

With the launch of Solstice Cloud management, will the Dashboard be phased out?

No, Mersive will continue to support the Solstice Dashboard. But we do recommend moving Pods into Solstice Cloud for additional capabilities, scalability, and convenience of remote management.

Is integration with Single Sign On / SAML identity providers on the future roadmap, or will Solstice Cloud user accounts always be managed within

SSO/SAML integration is on the roadmap! It will allow administrators to use their identity providers to manage end user access and accounts in Solstice Cloud.

Do Solstice Pods require general cloud access?

Only a small number of cloud endpoints are required and can be easily added to firewall rules. These endpoints are available from Mersive and won’t change. Click here to view the full list of required firewall exceptions.

We use a firewall that inspects encrypted traffic. Can I still use Solstice Cloud?

Yes, you will just need to upload a CA-signed certificate to each Solstice Pod.

What measures does Mersive take to ensure that Solstice Cloud is secure?

All Solstice Cloud traffic is encrypted with industry standard 2048 bit RSA-based cipher. In addition, we perform routine (annual or more) penetration testing by an independent third party to validate security of the Solstice Pod and associated cloud systems.

We present a lot of confidential materials in meetings. Does Solstice Cloud have measures in place to protect this data and our privacy?

Yes. Solstice Cloud is fully compliant with GDPR’s guidelines and is classified as a Data Controller. Screen content, files, and visual information never leaves the Solstice Pod. In addition, Solstice Cloud does not collect any personally identifiable data about Solstice users. The data collected is best described as metadata about meetings or configuration state of Pods. Please see our privacy policy for more detail.

How do I add or delete Pods to my Solstice Cloud account? Do I need to use Dashboard?

As of now, you will need to use Solstice Dashboard to import Pods into Solstice Cloud, but we will phase this out so Pods can import directly into Solstice Cloud at time of purchase. Pods can be deleted from your Solstice Cloud account from Monitor > Deployment.

My Pods are connected but are not showing up online within Solstice Cloud. What can I do?

Check your firewall access rules to ensure the required end points are listed. If you’re still experiencing intermittent or unreliable connectivity, talk to your netsec team and ask if the firewall is performing SSL inspection. If so, you’ll need to upload the correct CA certificate to each Pod so it can successfully handshake with your firewall.

If I move my existing Pods from Dashboard to Solstice Cloud, will their settings already exist, or do I need to create templates?

Your Pod settings will not change when you move them from Dashboard to Solstice Cloud. You can clone the settings of an existing pod to create a template or create new templates from scratch.

Can I create new configuration templates for Pods prior to receiving them?

If you already have a Solstice Cloud account, you can create new configuration templates prior to receiving new Pods, then quickly deploy your Pods by attaching them to the templates once they arrive. Additionally, through Mersive's Solstice Cloud Provisioning Program, Pods can be pre-configured in your Solstice Cloud account prior to shipping. Learn more and sign up at:

Does using Solstice Cloud affect the performance of the local Pod?

No, Solstice Cloud does not impact the performance of the Solstice Pods.

We have different admins for different locations. What’s the best way to manage Pods within Solstice Cloud and avoid anyone changing Pod settings at our other locations?

By using role based permissions within Solstice Cloud, you can add multiple users and assign them different levels of permissions. For Pod monitoring, you can configure email alerts by location or other category.

What generation Pod and software versions are compatible with Solstice Cloud?

You can add any generation Pod to Solstice Cloud, and both Gen2i and Gen3 Solstice Pods are capable of using management features. To onboard Pods into Solstice Cloud, the Pods must have internet access and be on software version 4.5 or later.

Do you need Solstice Subscription to use Solstice Cloud?

Deployment management using Solstice Cloud is available in perpetuity (no charge). For full Solstice Cloud capabilities, including deployment monitoring and analytics, Pods require current Solstice Subscriptions.

Is there any additional software needed?

No additional software is needed. Simply enable Solstice Conference on the Solstice Pod and plug in a supported USB camera and audio device. End-users will need to download the Solstice app and bundled drivers on their laptop devices. Since elevated permissions are needed to install the drivers packaged in the Solstice app installer, IT administrators can centrally deploy the app with MSI.

I’m an existing customer with current Solstice Subscription. What do I need to do to get this functionality?

If you have a Gen3 Pod, you will simply need to upgrade your Pod to the latest version of Solstice, then enable Solstice Conference. Meeting hosts will also need the latest version of the Solstice app installed on a Windows or macOS laptop, with elevated privileges to install the required drivers. Since elevated permissions are needed to install the drivers packaged in the Solstice app installer, IT administrators can centrally deploy the app with MSI.

Do you provide the video conferencing service?

No, along with our core in-room wireless content sharing, we provide a seamless integration with your conferencing service of choice so you can extend the Solstice experience to remote participants.

Which conferencing platforms are supported?

We are agnostic to whichever video conferencing solution you would like to use and support any major conferencing service. Click here to view a list of supported conferencing services. Mersive will work to add support for more conferencing platforms in following releases.

What USB cameras, microphones, and speakers are supported?

We are optimizing Solstice Conference to have the broadest USB peripheral support possible. Click here to view a list of supported USB peripherals. Mersive will work to add support for more peripherals in upcoming releases.

Is a room PC required for the conference space?

No, users can wirelessly and securely gain access to any room A/V devices connected to the Pod, such as cameras or microphones, by wirelessly connected to the Pod using the Solstice app and bridging their conference.

Can Solstice Conference be used on a tablet or mobile device?

No, the core functionality of Solstice Conference will only be available to users with the Solstice app for Windows or macOS laptop devices. However, other users in the room with a tablet or mobile device can use the Solstice app or our other app-free sharing options to share content and collaborate within the Solstice Conference session.

Does the meeting host need to connect to the Pod with a cable?

We offer a completely wireless solution where users can connect to the Pod over the network.

Do other in-room participants need to join the video conference to share content?

No, anyone in the Solstice-enabled room can share content as they normally would to the Solstice display using either the Solstice app or one of the many supported app-free sharing options.

Can remote participants share to the Solstice display?

Remote participants cannot share directly to the Solstice display. However, one benefit of our workflow is that remote participants can share their desktop as they normally would within the web conferencing application they’re dialed into, and in-room users can view it on the Solstice display.

Is a calendar integration required for Solstice Conference?

No, a calendar integration is not a requirement for Solstice Conference. However, integrating a room or personal calendar is highly recommended since it enables Solstice's one step meeting start.

How does calendar integration work with Solstice Conference?

Solstice checks the integrated personal or room calendar for the meeting invite and intelligently launches and joins your web conference for you.

Do other features, such as moderator mode or Ink, still work?

Yes, all the core functionality built into Solstice will still work so that our robust content sharing and collaboration can be used in every type of meeting, whether it involves remote participants or not.

What devices does Solstice support?

Solstice offers universal support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with a consistent user experience across all supported operating systems. Solstice also offers browser-based support for Chromebook and Linux devices.

What is Solstice?

Solstice is a software-based, cloud-enabled teamspace collaboration platform optimized for both onsite and remote participants. It allows simultaneous users to wirelessly share content to the room display and seamlessly bridges to remote locations using any major video conferencing service. Cloud-based integrations, management, monitoring, and analytics allow administrators to optimize their meeting and learning spaces. Learn more at:

What is Solstice Cloud?

Solstice Cloud, formerly Kepler, is a secure cloud-based portal that provides complete control of entire Solstice deployments. With Solstice Cloud, technology administrators can manage, analyze, and optimize Solstice-enabled rooms with ease, and activate other cloud-based services and integrations such as Solstice Conference, Solstice Active Learning, calendaring, digital signage, and more. Learn more at:

What is Solstice Active Learning?

Solstice Active Learning provides software-based video routing and switching for multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, and confidence monitors. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually map rooms in minutes and route video in real-time all using the Active Learning app. Learn more at:

What is Solstice Conference?

Solstice Conference delivers rich content-based collaboration for both onsite and remote teams, with a touchless one-step start for all major conferencing services including Zoom, Webex and Teams. Solstice gives organizations a flexible and affordable enterprise-grade room system that unifies the power of web conferencing with the power of Solstice’s category-defining wireless content sharing in a single, unified platform. Learn more at:

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, for those that qualify, you can try Solstice free for 30 days with no obligation. Solstice Active Learning is available for a free trial for 90 days. Visit our demo page for more information: demo.

How do I give control to a guest or substitute teacher?

Each Solstice Active Learning user should have a unique login. If you’re uncertain of how to create a new account, ask your administrator to add the guest as an Active Learning Facilitator in Solstice Cloud.

Do I need a special ethernet switch?

No, virtually any switch will work with Solstice Active Learning.

Can students and facilitators be on different networks?

Yes, the facilitator (via Solstice Active Learning app) and students (via Solstice app) can be on a different VLAN, as long as the ports outlined in the Solstice deployment guide are opened. The apps use the same set of ports and rely on routable TCP traffic only.

What is the maximum number of displays I can have within a Solstice Active Learning environment?

Our recommended number of displays varies depending on use case and type of content being shared. Download our Active Learning Performance White Paper to see the expected frame rate based on the number of displays.

What happens if I forget to renew my Active Learning subscription, but I need to keep using it?

Solstice Active Learning is a software-based video routing solution that requires a current Active Learning Subscription to use. If you need to extend or renew your subscription, please reach out to your Mersive sales representative or contact Mersive directly.

Which devices are supported with the Solstice Active Learning app?

Windows and MacOS laptops, along with Android and iOS tablets are all supported.

Should I use my personal device to route video content?

Each facilitator should download the Solstice Active Learning app on their own device(s). This allows them to save their own preferences and gives them the flexibility to move throughout the room while routing video in real time.

Can I lock student displays while teaching?

Custom or pre-selected messages are available on the Solstice Active Learning app and can broadcast across all displays preventing users from sharing content until removed.

How should Solstice Active Learning rooms be deployed?

Solstice Pods that you wish to route video between, no matter their location, should be connected via Ethernet to the same network, subnet, or VLAN. This ensures low latency video routing between Pods for the best experience. Network traffic from student and facilitator devices can be routed from independent subnets/VLANs as needed, for example, from separate student and faculty networks.

Do you have education pricing?

Yes, please ask your sales representative for more information.

Does Solstice Active Learning work across campus or remotely?

Mersive does not recommend extending a single Solstice Active Learning system across campus, as it is designed to enable a proximate, multi-screen space.

However, by enabling Solstice Conference, educators can connect multiple Solstice Active Learning rooms or bridge remote students into the discussion using any major conferencing platform.

As the facilitator, do I need to download both the Solstice Active Learning app and Solstice app to share a presentation and route to the displays?

The facilitator should download the Solstice Active Learning app to route and control video within the multi-screen environment. The facilitator can also download the Solstice app if they would like to share content from their facilitator device. Alternatively, there are also other ways to share form the facilitator device, including AirPlay, Miracast, browser-based sharing, and via the Pod’s wired HDMI input.

Does Mersive have recommendations for active learning pedagogy?

If active learning is a new style of teaching, we encourage that you access resources and experts at your institutions in order to design active learning environments and develop instructional strategies. Mersive is dedicated to building complementary technology to further enhance these unique learning spaces. In order to create the best product, Mersive continually researches and collects feedback from educators and incorporates into new capabilities that are available on a regular basis.

Can Moderator Mode be used with Solstice Active Learning?

In a teaching environment, Moderator Mode can be enabled for the primary display if students will be sharing directly to it. To promote collaboration within the team tables, it’s best if Moderator Mode is not enabled on secondary/team displays.

Is screen key authentication available with Solstice Active Learning?

Screen key and all other Pod settings are available with Solstice Active Learning.

Is SDS free? Where can I download the software?

Yes, SDS is free and available for download from

Do I need SDS?

SDS is recommended for IT networks that do not allow broadcast network traffic (i.e. most IT-managed networks). By default, user devices "discover" Solstice Pods available for connection by means of broadcast network traffic. For managed IT networks that do not allow broadcast traffic, SDS facilitates the discovery of Pods by user devices.

What is Solstice Discovery Service?

The Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) is an IT-friendly software service that enables non-broadcast discovery of Solstice displays on the network. With SDS deployed, users are able to see a list of Solstice displays they can connect to when their open their Solstice app, and can easily connect to a display without needing to enter the display's IP address. SDS is delivered as software for Windows and should be installed on a Windows machine that is always up and running on the network.

How many users can connect to the Solstice Pod?

The Small Group Edition allows up to 4 participants to post content to a Solstice display at the same time, whereas the Unlimited version allows any number of participants to use Solstice at the same time.

What type of network capabilities does the Pod have?

Solstice is designed to leverage existing WiFi/Ethernet networks to support wireless collaboration and conferencing support in meeting rooms and learning spaces. Solstice can be configured flexibly to meet the requirements of your IT security policy and network topology. Deployment options range from deploying Solstice on a single, “flat” network, to secure dual-network deployment across segregated primary and guest networks, and even supports complex networks with multiple VLANs and subnets. Learn More

Can I centrally manage all Solstice Pods?

There are two ways to centrally manage your Solstice Pods, via the Solstice Dashboard or through Solstice Cloud, which includes more robust monitoring and management tools. To learn more about management through Solstice Dashboard and Solstice Cloud, visit the Solstice Cloud FAQ section.

What types of spaces is the Solstice Pod designed for?

The Solstice Pod is designed and priced as an "every room" solution with all the capabilities needed for large conference rooms while being affordable enough for informal huddle spaces and student study rooms.

What is the Solstice Pod?

The Solstice Pod is Mersive’s flexible, enterprise-ready collaboration platform that brings the Solstice collaboration experience to meeting and learning spaces. The Pod is a software-based appliance that hosts the Solstice collaboration software, serves as an end-point for Mersive’s cloud-enabled capabilities, and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment. As a secure and scalable platform, the Pod provides a fully IT-compliant room solution that is easy to manage remotely and scalable to any number of spaces.

How does Solstice licensing work?

Every Solstice Pod comes with a perpetual Solstice software license, which means you can continue to use Solstice for the life of the product. Solstice Pods are available in Unlimited and Small Group Edition versions, which means that Pod can support either an unlimited number of users or up to four users, respectively. Mersive also offers multiple subscription options for access to additional end user and administrative capabilities such as conference integration, active learning, and deployment monitoring and analytics. See the Solstice Subscription FAQs for more information.

What is the difference between the Small Group Edition and Unlimited?

The Small Group Edition allows up to 4 participants to post content to a Solstice display at the same time, whereas the Unlimited version allows any number of users to use Solstice at the same time.

How do I get in touch with customer support?

Email our support team at or submit a ticket through our support portal:

Do I have to keep my subscription current, or can I renew when I want the latest release?

You can renew your subscription at any time. If your subscription has lapsed, you will also need to pay for the time lapsed in order to get your subscription current so that you can access past updates.

How do I check my Solstice Subscription status and/or renew my subscription?

Pod Subscription statuses can be checked through your Solstice Cloud account (Monitor > Deployment). To get in touch with us to verify the status of your subscription and to extend your subscription plan, please visit our subscription page:

What is a Solstice Subscription?

Solstice Subscription combines multiple services and other value-add inclusions for the Solstice Pod into a single, cost-effective subscription. Solstice Subscription is required to access regular software updates that deliver new product features and improvements, premium support, deployment monitoring and analytics, and access to Solstice Conference. One year of Solstice Subscription is included with the purchase of every Solstice Pod. Learn more at:

Is Solstice secure enough for my IT network?

Yes, Solstice is designed to be deployed on your existing IT network(s) and has been deployed in some of the most secure corporate and government environments in the world. Security is always first priority for Mersive. In addition to all the security features already built into Solstice (e.g. 2048-bit encryption of Solstice data), Mersive completes annual 3rd-party penetration testing and implements changes to address the findings. At a more fundamental level, Solstice is secure due to its architecture: Solstice streams pixels, not application data (so your spreadsheet or presentation never leave your device) and the product uses a proprietary codec. Beyond IT security, Solstice also offers multiple security options for end users and admins including moderator mode, password protection of configuration settings, and alerts if or when any security settings are changed.

Do users need to install any software to connect and share to Solstice Pods?

For the full Solstice experience, including mobile and audio support, we recommend sharing through the Solstice app. Users or guests who prefer not to download the Solstice app are able to mirror their device screen to the display by using one of two native streaming methods: Miracast (Windows devices) or Apple AirPlay (MacOS and iOS devices), or share to Solstice from a web browser on their laptop devices. Solstice also supports a wired HDMI-in connection.

How can I buy Solstice?

Solstice is available for purchase through our extensive network of AV/IT dealer partners or directly through our website. Please refer to this page for more information on your purchase options:

Can I try Solstice before I purchase?

Yes! For those that qualify, you can trial the Solstice Pod or Solstice for Windows free for 30 days with no obligation. Schedule your demo here.

Which laptops and mobile devices can be used with Solstice?

Solstice offers universal support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with a consistent user experience across all supported operating systems.

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