How to Use Mersive Solstice

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Interactive Collaboration

Using the layout tab in the Solstice App, you can sort, stack, zoom and move all the content from any connected user, making your digital space just as flexible as printing everything out to collaborate across a conference table, while saving the ink, of course.

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Agnostic Virtual Meetings

With Conference enabled, when you connect to the display, there is a toggle option that allows you to wirelessly connect and use the in-room camera and microphone for any virtual meetings. This also makes the Solstice display sharable into the virtual meeting.

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Digital Annotation

Speaking of ink, using our digital mark-up feature in the Solstice mobile app, Ink allows you to highlight, point and circle anything on a Solstice Display by turning your phone into a digital laser pointer in real time.

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Calendar Integration

By connecting your calendar in the Room Camera & Mic tab, if there’s a virtual meeting on your calendar, seamlessly launch the meeting and connect to the rooms technology from the Camera & Mic tab.

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Does Solstice allow me to mark up content on the display?

Yes, you can wirelessly markup content on the display using your smartphone. Just download the Solstice app on your iOS and Android phone and use the Ink feature to annotate on the display.

How do I share the Solstice display in a virtual meeting?

To share the Solstice display to remote attendees, select the Solstice Conference virtual monitor from the sharing options within the video-conferencing application. The Solstice display usually appears as Screen 2.

Can I moderate my meeting for more secure control of the content on the display?

Yes, Solstice’s moderator mode allows you to approve requests from collaborators to join the session or post content to the display, and control the content layout. Simply go to the Moderate tab in the app and toggle the setting ‘On’.

What video conferencing platforms are supported?

Solstice supports seamless integration with most major conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet, and RingCentral.

Do other in-room participants need to join the video conference to share content?

No, anyone in the Solstice-enabled room can share content to the display using the Solstice app or any supported app-free sharing method such as AirPlay, Miracast, or browser-based sharing (which means Chromebook and Linux devices can share too!).

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