Complete Collaboration Solutions

Solstice Conference paired with Logitech’s audio/video conferencing solutions delivers a new class of video conferencing room system that enhances meeting collaboration by adding rich content sharing along with agnostic room support for any PC-based video conferencing application. These touchless, easy-to-use room solutions offer flexibility and are driven completely by users’ own devices, resulting in a more collaborative meeting experience between on-site and remote participants.

Logitech MeetUp + Solstice

Ideal for small meeting spaces

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Logitech Rally + Solstice

Ideal for midsized meeting spaces

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Logitech Rally Plus + Solstice

Ideal for large meeting spaces

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Why Pair Solstice with Logitech

Supports All Room Types

Product flexibility and solution options that support all meeting room types from small huddle spaces to large board rooms.

High Quality Audio/Video

Logitech RightSense technologies enhance conversational clarity and automatically optimize camera zoom, light, and color to deliver beautiful and efficient video meetings.


Touchless One-Step Start

On their laptops, meeting hosts simply enter the 4-digit PIN visible on the room display to auto-launch the scheduled web conference.

High Quality Video Icon

Enhances Conferencing with Rich Content

Multiple users can share, arrange, and markup content simultaneously for more engaging and productive meetings.

Wirelessly Connects the Room Technology

When the meeting starts, Solstice automatically connects the Logitech A/V device(s) and room display to the meeting host’s laptop running the Zoom (or other) meeting.

Occupancy and Collaboration Analytics

Insights from Solstice paired with Logitech cameras empower organizations to better understand and optimize their meeting and learning spaces.

One Platform for Any Meeting or Learning Space

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Watch the Webinar | November 2020

Watch Mersive Founder and CTO Christopher Jaynes, PhD, and Logitech Collaboration Strategy Manager, Toby Lewis, to discuss how organizations are setting up for a return to the office and how Mersive and Logitech are responding with smart technology solutions.

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