Conferencing Audio/Video Device Partners

Solstice Conference enhances video conferencing with rich, multi-participant content sharing to deliver a better collaboration experience between onsite and remote users. When integrated with room audio/video devices, Solstice delivers a touchless room system with improved workflow and flexible support for any conferencing service.

Solstice works seamlessly with these major conferencing services to provide meeting flexibility.

Digital Signage Partners

Because Solstice is a room platform, it can also stream digital signage feeds when it is not being used for wireless collaboration to promote communication in any workplace or campus. Digital signage enhances the value of meeting and learning spaces by showing important messages, special instructions, and other communications on the room display in between collaboration sessions.

Video Wall Partner

Experience unlimited wireless content sharing on large-format, group displays using our video wall integration. The full suite of Solstice capabilities is supported, including interactive touch control, digital signage playback, and even wireless markup using mobile devices. High-resolution, large-format displays enhance Solstice’s wireless collaboration, allowing users to view and control content in its native resolution.

Solstice Pod Mounts

Solstice Pod mounts offer a convenient and secure way to permanently affix Pods to the best location for your room setup.

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