Mersive Alliances

With its open design, Solstice integrates seamlessly with other technologies to maximize meeting productivity and maximize ROI of meeting real estate and infrastructure. We’re proud to be partners with the leaders in AV and collaboration technologies. When we integrate their solutions with ours, we create the most powerful meeting and learning platform in the market.

Video Conferencing Integrations

With an integrated solution combining video conferencing and Solstice, meeting goers can leverage Solstice’s rich in-room content sharing, control, and markup capabilities while also supporting remote users through integration with the conferencing service of choice. Solstice easily integrates with Logitech, Zoom Rooms, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.


Digital Signage Integrations

Because Solstice is a room platform, it can also stream digital signage feeds when it is not being used for wireless collaboration. Digital signage enhances the value of meeting and learning spaces by showing important messages, special instructions, and other communications on the room display in between collaboration sessions.

Solstice Pod Mounts

Solstice Pod mounts offer a convenient and secure way to permanently affix Pods to the best location for your room setup.