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At Mersive, we’ve formed strong and lasting relationships with like-minded leading AV and IT integrators to provide them the best meeting solutions for their enterprise and higher education customers across the globe. We not only believe we have the best technology but we also think we have the best partner program in the industry. Our partner program offers the support, training, and tools necessary to facilitate business growth and maximize profitability. Our business is 100% channel led and has been since we launched the Solstice suite of products in 2014. We invite you to join Mersive in delivering the ultimate collaboration solution for every type of meeting in every type of space and for every type of customer.

Why Mersive?

Mersive’s Solstice suite of products is both software and network based, so it gives our integrator partners a chance to expand their market focus from AV into the IT realm – if they haven’t already done so. Our integrator partners love our ‘AV inside the room – IT outside the room’ approach because it allows them to speak to the ‘whole’ customer and leverage the convergence of AV and IT.
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Software based products are also less expensive than hardware based products and do a better job of tracking market requirements. Mersive regularly responds to customer’s feature requests with new additions to the product within 3-6 months. Critical requirements are often completed and in market in less than 3-4 week.

Solstice’s cloud presence provides integrator partners an opportunity for subscription based product sales and a source of contracted recurring revenue – and an option to give their customers an OPEX budget option.
Despite its success, Solstice is still vastly under distributed compared to Barco, Crestron and even Kramer – making our platform a unique offering and one that can provide a competitive advantage against other resellers in the market. Solstice is second only to Barco in market share and tied with Crestron depending on geo and vertical – despite having a sales force 1/10 the size of our bigger competitors.
Solstice as a collaboration platform – in addition to content sharing, Solstice also offers digital signage, highlighting/annotation tools, room calendar integration, room analytics, active learning and video conference integration. One platform – any room or meeting space.
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Solstice Open Control API – Another way that Mersive supports their resellers is our API toolkit which allows Solstice to be integrated with any other technology – driving additional value add and customer loyalty.

The Solstice Platform

The Mersive Solstice Platform

Solstice and Bring Your own Meeting

With Solstice BYOM is a reality – not just Marketing hyperbole. With a Solstice Pod you can create an inexpensive, flexible and easy to use room system that allows users to start, conduct and manage a meeting that leverages their mobile device, apps, content, calendar and conferencing app in any room or meeting use case.

Partnering with Mersive puts you at the forefront of groundbreaking collaboration technology. To ensure the success of our partners, Mersive provides full, individual, 1:1 partner support, including a dedicated account manager, partner council, fully staffed regional sales team, technical support, co-selling support, and a host of events, webinars, training, and partner enablement assets. 

Mersive Partner Benefits

Mersive’s Partner Program enables business growth through several key benefits, incentives, and ongoing revenue and training opportunities.

Incentive Programs

Deal Registration

Mersive’s Deal Registration Program rewards our partners for bringing new business opportunities to our attention by providing special pricing on approved registered opportunities.

Co-op Program

The Co-op Program provides market development funds to partners who achieve $100,000+ in sales the prior fiscal year to be used toward joint sales and marketing efforts such as marketing campaigns, events, giveaways, and other marketing opportunities.

*Currently available for U.S. and Canada based dealers.

MDF Program

The MDF (Market Development Funds) Program provides funds outside of our Co-op Program for opportunities to support partner selling and marketing of Mersive’s products.

*Currently available for U.S. and Canada based dealers.

Marketing and Sales Enablement

  • Branding, Messaging, & Sales Enablement Guide: A comprehensive guide to Mersive’s latest branding and messaging guidelines, creative assets, and sales enablement resources.

  • Creative Assets: Ability to easily download creative assets such as Mersive logos, imagery/photos, slide deck templates, and more.

  • Partner Landing Pages available for special events upon request.

Pre & Post Sales Support

  • 1:1 Sales Support from a dedicated Mersive account manager, local sales team, and customer success reps.

  • Dedicated Local Sales Team Support: Expert regional sales director, channel manager, and sales engineer to assist with your sales.

  • Customer Onboarding Support: from a dedicated Mersive account manager, local sales team, and customer success reps.

  • Opportunities for Co-selling with Mersive’s Expert Sales Team

  • Business Opportunity Referrals: Whenever possible, Mersive refers interested end-users to appropriate channel partners.

Certifications & Ongoing Training Opportunities

We provide Solstice certifications or video course to brush up on your knowledge of Solstice .

Learn More

Regularly updated training on all of our latest products and capabilities.

Learn More

Regular exclusive events with Mersive CTO and Founder, Christopher Jaynes, PhD.

Exclusive partner hub for onboarding, training, and the latest marketing and sales enablement resources.

We offer exclusive previews of our product roadmap and first look at product features and upcoming releases to our certified partners.

From how to get started with Solstice, to technical iterations and specs, our product documentation covers it all.

View documentation

Recurring Revenue Opportunities through Solstice Subscription Sales

Solstice Subscription delivers continuous value to your customers through regular software updates. All Solstice Pods come with one year of free Subscription and partners can earn recurring revenue by selling Subscription for each subsequent year. Partners can also sell Subscription bundles upfront, increasing the margin on the sale. An active Solstice Subscription plan provides access to software updates (new features and improvements), deployment monitoring and analytics via Solstice Cloud, use of Solstice Conference, limited hardware warranty (up to 3 years, Gen3 Pods only) and Tier 1 technical support.
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Competitive Product Pricing and Significant Reseller Margins

Mersive ensures our partners have competitive pricing by providing a steep discount on Solstice. In addition to our Deal Registration Program, we regularly develop and include our partners in new initiatives to help our partners accelerate Solstice sales.

Highly Discounted Demo Pod Units

We offer highly discounted Solstice Demo Pods to all partners who want additional units on hand for loaning out to customers or to be used for onsite demos. Active Learning enabled demo units are also available. With the purchase of multiple demo units, you’ll have the ability to fully demonstrate Solstice Active Learning.

How to Become a Mersive Partner

  • Submit Partner Profile Inquiry Form. Fill out the partner profile profile inquiry form. Be sure to include all of the contacts who will need access to our Partner Portal and Download Center in the last section.
  • Application Review. A Mersive team member will review your application and follow-up within 2-3 business days.

  • Prepare & Gather Documents. While your application is being processed, please prepare to share your Tax Exempt Certificate and a W9 with the Mersive team.

  • Approval If your application is approved, we’ll be in touch with you to review next steps, provide access to our Partner Portal and other resources, and introduce you to your local sales team.

Trusted by the best.

“In our new headquarters, we wanted to offer our co-workers access to the very latest technology, to maximize collaboration and to make information sharing fast and simple. Plus, being in the financial industry, data security and centralized management are paramount. We sought the right wireless solution to create a clean, easy and inclusive working environment. Our vision was that anyone in a meeting could securely share content from any device quickly and easily including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Mersive Solstice Pods were the perfect solution as they allow for a number of devices to be connected to one screen without any risk of data breach or viruses. It enables a truly interactive meeting whereby all participants can contribute content to the display as part of the discussion”.

Antonio Amoroso, Technical Architect at BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, a leading banking group of Italy

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