Dynamic Digital Signage

Engage and captivate with the next era of digital signage.

With Solstice, you can leverage digital signage in completely new ways. Create completely customizable digital signage pages that are interactive and responsive. 

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A New Way to Leverage Digital Signage

Solstice transforms digital signage through a completely customizable page that can be both interactive and dynamically responsive to in-room sensors, calendar events, API calls, and more. Want a display to play branded videos when a room isn’t being used but then have it show a custom welcome screen right before a scheduled meeting? You can do that now with dynamic digital signage.

Using Touchscreen Displays? Start Interacting With Your Digital Signage Today!

Using dynamic digital signage with touchscreens creates an even richer experience by allowing end users to perform a whole range of actions. Dynamic digital signage allows for end users to easily book an available room, submit an IT ticket, play a video, display important information, and more, all by simply tapping on the display.

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Digital Signage Integrations Leverage

Integrate With Your Existing Digital Signage Platform

Solstice gives you a digital signage solution for the workplace and common areas that are easy to manage, engaging, and secure.. Solstice integrates with leading digital signage platforms such as 22Miles, Appspace, Carousel, and more. For a full listing of our digital signage partners, take a look at our integrations page.

Why Use Dynamic Digital Signage?

Dynamic digital signage offers an engaging and captivating way to communicate key information and interact with users. With its ability to display vibrant visuals, engaging videos, real-time updates, and create customizable experiences, it’s a powerful tool in today’s digital era.

Optimize your Spaces

You can easily extend dynamic digital signage on any Solstice-enabled display.

Enterprise-level Security

From security hardening to centralized cloud management, Solstice’s dynamic digital signage can be deployed easily and securely on any network.

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Built to Scale

Templates and cloud management allow admins to easily scale dynamic digital signage from one Solstice Pod to thousands across the globe.

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