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Display Automatic Notifications for More Efficient Meetings

Solstice helps to improve meeting efficiency by preventing overstay in meeting spaces with on-display notifications that alert users if an upcoming meeting is about to begin. Solstice will also automatically prompt users to disconnect if they are inactive for a certain period of time or if they are no longer close to the display so they can feel more secure that their content isn’t being shared after they leave the room.

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Monitor Room Usage

Simply connect a USB camera to turn Solstice into an integrated room occupancy sensor. Room occupancy detection allows organizations to gain powerful insights into space occupancy and room utilization to better understand and manage your office spaces. Plus, Solstice can leverage occupancy detection to automatically sleep or wake the room display when employees enter and exit the meeting room.

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Use Location Mapping to Streamline User Connections

To streamline management and user connections, you can turn on location services within Solstice’s cloud-based management portal to map the locations of Solstice-enabled displays within your office spaces. This location information allows users to quickly connect to displays that they are physically nearby, streamlining the connection process to get meetings started quickly.

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