Touchless Meeting Room Collaboration

1. Touchless Meeting Room Collaboration

Solstice offers a touchless one-step start to quickly kick off any meeting or web conference from a user’s own device – no shared dongle or control panel required. Solstice can also wirelessly connect a room camera and microphone to a user’s laptop using AV over IP technology, providing touchless control and integration with the existing room technology.

Mersive Solstice Ink

2. Wireless ‘BYOD’ Content Sharing

Solstice supports rich, multi-participant content sharing and layout control from virtually any device using the Solstice app; no shared dongle, tablet, or cable needed. And for touchless content markup, users can use their own mobile device as a wireless pointer and drawing tool.

3. Room Occupancy Detection

Simply connect a USB camera to turn Solstice into an integrated room occupancy sensor. Room occupancy detection allows Solstice administrators to track meeting room density to ensure employees are compliant with the company’s health guidelines set for safe meetings. Plus, leverage occupancy detection to automatically sleep or wake the room display when employees enter and exit the meeting room.

Workplace Communications using Digital Signage

4. Workplace Communications using
    Digital Signage

With Solstice, you can customize meeting and learning space welcome screens to display safety guidelines, protocols, and tips. Simply create your HTML-based signage content on a digital signage management platform such as Appspace and publish to any Solstice display. By communicating important messages and reminders around safety protocols on your displays, employees and students can easily stay informed around how to safely use shared spaces.

Remote Management & Workplace Analytics

5. Remote Management & Workplace Analytics

Solstice Cloud delivers powerful space occupancy, room utilization, and workforce collaboration analytics to help organizations understand and manage the return to the office. How has meeting behavior changed? What is your meeting room density? Which rooms are over or under-utilized? Gain these insights and more with Solstice Cloud analytics. Additionally, Solstice Cloud enables administrators to remotely monitor, manage, and optimize Solstice-enabled spaces from anywhere.

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