For those of you who may want to have a printable ‘leave behind’, download our tri-fold Solstice brochure and feel free to share! This brochure is designed to be printed professionally OR on a desktop printer – just set the page sizing to ‘Actual size’ and you’re all set! The tri-fold brochure looks and feels best printed on 80# 8.5”x11” paper, but can easily be printed on standard computer paper or emailed as a PDF.

Download Tri-fold Version of Brochure 

Solstice Brochure

Solstice is a unique collaboration solution that makes content based collaboration as easy as a phone call or video conference and improves meeting efficiency. The brochure highlights the basic features and benefits of Solstice, including:

  • unlimited number of users
  • unlimited number of posts onscreen
  • multiple deployment options
  • multi-room collaboration
  • HD-quality video streaming
  • iOS mirroring
  • Android mirroring
  • moderator preview and control
  • customizable layouts
  • touchscreen compatible
  • centralized management dashboard
  • enterprise-grade network security

Beyond the basic benefits, the Solstice brochure explains the difference between the Pod and the Windows display software. They create very similar experiences for the end users, but the Solstice Pod is a standalone collaboration appliance while the Windows software needs to be installed on an in-room Windows PC. The Pod is our most popular solution because deployment is so straightforward, but the software allows utilization of preexisting hardware.

Solstice is engineered to be flexibly deployed on your existing network, and can work on complex networks with multiple VLANs and subnets as long as the correct ports are opened. The Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) enables click-to-connect functionality on networks that do not allow broadcast UDP packets. A Windows host running Solstice inherits the network interface cards and parameters of the host, but the Solstice Pod is designed for maximum flexibility. The Pod has two distinct NICs, allowing it to connect to two networks simultaneously without compromising network security, and can even be deployed entirely off-network as a wireless access point (WAP).