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It can be hard to appreciate the value of a list of features until you’ve seen the product in action.  While our free demo program is the best way to experience Solstice for yourself, you can see how easy it is to use from the video at the bottom of this page.

Whether the standalone Solstice Pod or installable Windows software is best suited for your collaboration spaces, adding Solstice to a room enables an unlimited number of users to share an unlimited amount of content to a shared display from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  Any participant in a non-moderated session can control content from the app on their device, and Solstice can also receive input from multi-touch so a user may move content and see post details directly from a touch-enabled display.  In a classroom session, the instructor may use a touch-enabled display at the front of the room to sift through and control user-supplied content without needing to hold a separate device.

Mirroring is enabled for iOS and Mac OS devices, and the Solstice Bonjour Proxy provides a way for network administrators to allow mirroring even on networks that do not natively support the Bonjour protocol or other multi-cast protocols.  See the network deployment guide for more information.

Solstice supports sharing your entire desktop, specific application windows, or individual media files with synchronous audio. 1080p HD video can be streamed at native frame rates, even though a lower frame rate appears in the preview window.  Because the content never leaves the user’s device, even HD video streaming can be achieved on networks with bandwidth allocations of only a few MB/s.  Solstice supports displays of any resolution including large screen arrays, edge blended projection systems, and unusually shaped displays.  Content may be arranged however works best for the application and is not forced into a grid format.

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