Solstice is a high performance, in-room wireless display collaboration platform that improves the usability and productivity of meeting and learning spaces.

Unlike other one-to-many wireless display systems, Solstice enables many-to-many collaboration by allowing users on any device to simultaneously share, and control, mark up content on in-room displays with superior ease of use and streaming quality.

  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Features and integrations beyond content sharing
  • Centrally managed via the Solstice Dashboard
  • Enterprise-grade security


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Easy to Use

From simplifying how users connect, to providing the best sharing options and layout control available, Solstice delivers a one-of-a-kind user experience that meeting participants love.

Did you know? The Solstice experience is consistent on every device, delivering a rapid user adoption and greater ROI.


Beyond content sharing

Solstice goes beyond wireless content sharing. It delivers unrivaled features and integrations to help you drive and measure your meeting productivity and ROI.

From meeting analytics and 4K UHD display support to digital signage playback and room calendar integration, the Solstice platform will improve user adoption and enhance your technology stack.


Centrally Manageable

The Solstice Dashboard provides centralized, one-to-many management of every room in the Solstice deployment, as well as access to enterprise features such Multi-Room, quality of service (QoS), and displaying room schedules, RSS feeds, and branding on the Solstice welcome screens. Learn more

The Mersive Advantage

Enterprise-Grade Security Features

Solstice has been deployed in some of the most secure government and private organizations in the world and is hardened with multiple layers of security features and protocols. User and admin authentication, network encryption of Solstice traffic, and annual third-party penetration testing — these features and more ensure every Solstice deployment remains secure.  View AUSA case study